Affidavit Forms

What is an affidavit form?

An affidavit form is used to describe the formal written statement which is also known as a sworn statement. When you have to attest the birth of a baby, death of a person, etc. you can use the affidavit form. Similarly, this form is also used when you provide evidence before the court

In affidavit form, the sworn statement is brought into writing voluntarily by the person. The facts stated by a person are confirmed when they are mentioned in the affidavit form. The oath taken by the person in the affidavit is registered by the administrator. For general oaths and statements, a general affidavit is used which is a commonly used affidavit form.

Why is it important to use an affidavit?

When you sign an affidavit, you actually assert that whatever has been mentioned in the affidavit is true and based on true facts. Signing the affidavit also means that you are willing to testify the mentioned statement in the court.

When you sign an affidavit, you should ensure that you are not signing a statement which is not true. Signing the wrong statement will make you answerable before the law, and you can even get imprisoned. People who lie under oath are said to have committed perjury.

Being truthful while signing the affidavit is very important. Whatever statement you take in the court becomes a written proof of your oath. Using the affidavit for taking the oath makes a written communication, which is more valid than verbal communication.


Affidavits are not only useful in courts but also outside the court. They are used by insurance companies, banks, etc. These institutes don’t actually perform their official functions without using the affidavit.

Why is an affidavit form needed?

There are many purposes for which an affidavit form can be used. A general purpose of the affidavit form is to state in court that the information that has been mentioned in the affidavit is true. In some situations, the attorney of a person also uses the affidavit form when the person himself does not want to appear in the court. In this way, the affidavit form saves the person from several legal proceedings. So, an affidavit form is considered to be a useful document since it enables a person to save a considerable amount of time and money.

A person is not required to think about whether he should use the affidavit form or not. The need to use the affidavit form automatically arises when a person takes part in different legal proceedings. Without using an affidavit, the legal proceedings are not considered to be legal.

Using an affidavit form is very useful. However, one should ensure that being truthful while signing the affidavit is very important. When a person does not maintain his truthfulness in the affidavit, his entire character becomes questionable. Moreover, the basic objective of using the affidavit form is enforcing the people to take a truthful oath under the law so that they remain honest.

Affidavit in support of adoption

It is to declare that Mr. and Mrs. John Meezo is now legal parents of (child’s name) through official consent of his biological parents, (name 1) and (name 2). The Does are responsible residents of (name of the place) with a decent financial background to help them raise the said child. Being approved by the family court judge, (name), the Meezos are legally adopting the child with effect from (date).

Date ——————————————-

Signature of Affiant ——————-

Affidavit in support of character

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