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Membership Trackers

Some people find it really hectic to go and buy their favorite magazine and DVD on a monthly basis because it is really convenient to have everything at your doorstep. You can do this by having a membership of your favorite magazine, club or website and get a membership card to make easy payments of this kind of stuff. You can also get discounts on membership or subscription and there is no need to pay in every month. Weekly, monthly and annual subscription facilities have made it quite simple. With every membership, you will also get a trial of 15 days or one month with some amount of discount.

You can get as many memberships as you want as it is really easy to get a subscription of membership. It is important to remember each and every member, but if you find it hard, then you can design a membership tracking sheet. Hence a membership tracking template is designed for your help.


Advantages of Membership Tracking Template

If you want to take dozens of memberships, it is important to renew your membership on time. You may forget about something, but make your work easy by designing a membership tracking sheet. The Excel worksheet will help you to remember every single membership, and you can renew it on time. It is a great tool and a perfect method to remember everything. It is simple to use, and free of any cost. You can log date, the amount paid, length and expiration of the membership.

This sample template will help you to track all subscriptions. It has columns to write different kind of details, including date, the amount paid, duration of membership and date of renewal.

Preview and Details of Template

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