Work Experience Letters


This letter is to certify that (applicant’s name) was working as a full-time employee in (company’s name) as a (designation). During his four years of service, we found him a sincere, honest and responsible employee with a professional attitude. He attains excellent skills and great job knowledge. His hardworking nature shows his dedication to his work. 

Over his employment period, he managed to take part in various projects and responsibilities. His relations at the workplace were also satisfactory because of his helpful nature. We find immense pleasure working with such a dedicated employee.

We wish him a successful future ahead! If you need any quires related (applicant’s name), feel free to contact us.

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It is to verify the employment of (applicant’s name), who was working in (company’s name) as (designation) from [Date] to [Date]. He was working in the organization as a full-time employee. During his tenure, his overall performance was excellent and was a productive employee of the organization. He was engaged in the project (name) and completed the task with full dedication.

Apart from his work skills, (applicant’s name) attains good commitment and time management skills. He gains good moral character and was one of the regular employees. His contributions to the organization are valuable. 

We wish him good luck for future endeavors!

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I hereby Mr. (name) verify the employment of (applicant’s name) working in (company’s name). In (date, 2010) [Name] started as (designation), and after one year of his strong dedication and commitment, the organization promoted him to (designation). He worked in the organization for seven years. 

He gains strong management and leadership qualities as he worked as a team leader for many years. He completed many projects and responsibilities diligently. He professionally carries himself. 

It is noteworthy to mention that he was a valuable member of the organization. He morally cooperated with the other employees. We wish him good luck in the future! 

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I am writing this letter to inform you that (applicant’s name) was working as (designation) in the (company’s name). While working at the organization, he took part in many major projects and held several responsibilities. He completed the projects and other tasks with full commitment. His working skills are purely professional and has been one of the punctual employees. 

We have found him to be a very dedicated, sincere and competent worker. He is a self-motivated, duty-bound and committed individual who has a good character. He proved himself an exceptional team-worker throughout his service. 

We wish him the very best of luck! 

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It is to verify that (applicant’s name) has been working for a period of four years in (company’s name) at the post of (designation). During his tenure with us, (applicant’s name) handled a wide range of duties and responsibilities in various projects. He credibly gives full commitment to every phase of the project to completion. He is a competent and hardworking employee.

He came across as a talented, highly skilled and professional worker who has the potential to work at a higher level. His conduct and behavior are great with the clients and other people.

We wish him luck! For any other information and quires, regarding (applicant’s name) don’t hesitate to contact our office. 

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