School Transfer Request Letter from Parents

What is a school transfer request letter?

Parents of the child often have to put in the request to the school to seek permission from the school for school transfer. This letter is also written when parents want the child to be transferred to a different branch of the same school and they want the school to do that.

Writing a letter is a formal way to seek permission because it puts everything in writing and makes sure that details are conveyed to the school accurately. It is important to note that this letter is written by parents and has more value and respect than those written by a student himself.

When to write a school transfer request letter?

There can be many reasons that necessitate it for parents to apply for school transfer permission. For instance, when the job or business of the parents requires them to shift to a different city or country, they will have to relocate with their family. In this situation, they would never want their child to suffer from educational loss. So, they want to ensure that their child starts his education journey as soon as they relocate and therefore, request for a transfer.

There are some branches of the same school that offer more value to a child’s education and parents want their child to get his schooling from that branch. In this situation, the request for a transfer.

How to request a school transfer by writing a letter?

Start with the introduction of the child:

Although this request letter is being written by the parents of the child, their letter must include the introduction of the student and not his parents. In the introduction, the name, grade, section, roll number, and some other details can be mentioned.

Appreciate the school and staff:

While you are applying for a transfer, you might give the impression that you are unhappy with the branch of the school where your child is currently enrolled. Therefore, you must appreciate the school for enrolling your child and staff for providing such a learning environment in which your child grew and learned a lot. If there is anything specific that you think you must appreciate the reader for, don’t forget to mention that in the letter.

Formally request for a transfer:

After you have appreciated the school enough, it is right time for you to put in the request to transfer the school of the child. Watch your tone while you are requesting because a wrong tone can create problems. If you are aware of the policy of the school regarding school transfer, refer to that policy to explain the eligibility of your child.

When you request the transfer, make sure that you mention the complete address of the branch of the school where you want the transfer. You can also request for special arrangements to be made at the new school branch.

Provide reason:

Everyone has different reasons for requesting a school transfer. You are also expected to come up with a reason. The reader wants to read a sensible reason that is easily accepted.

Do’s of writing the school transfer request:

  • Write a letter in a formal tone
  • Try to write the letter in such a way that you easily convince the reader to agree to what you are requesting
  • Always add a subject to the letter before making a formal request
  • Let the school know how important it is for a child to have his school transferred
  • Attach necessary documentation with the letter that can prove that he needs a transfer. For instance, if you are immigrating entirely, provide some documents that can prove your immigration
  • Show positivity and tell that you are accepting the approval of the request

Don’ts of writing:

  • Don’t go off track while giving an introduction to your child. For instance, it is not mandatory to mention what awards your child has won and how good grades he has been achieving
  • Never criticize the school to produce a reason for school transfer.
  • Don’t write a letter with lengthy descriptions just because you think writing a long letter can help you convince the reader into accepting your request

Sample Letter


The Principal,
(Name of School)
(Address of School)


Subject: Request to transfer school from [X] to [Y]

Dear Mr. Mrs. Ms. Last Name,

I would like to begin by thanking you and your school’s staff for the excellent education that they are providing to children. My child, (name) of class, (class), has been in this school for (state years) years. Due to your hard work and dedication, he/she was able to secure (marks) grades throughout their school history.

I am writing this letter to kindly request you to let my child leave this school. (Give reasons for this). Therefore, we are forced to transfer our child to another school.

I hope you will consider this request and allow my child to leave this school. We are ready to fulfill any procedures for this.

Thanking you in advance.

Yours sincerely,

Your Name

School transfer request letter from parents

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