Salary Dispute Letter to Employer

What is a salary dispute letter?

Every organization has a human resources (HR) unit that handles all matters relating to the employees –their performance, work satisfaction, holidays, promotions and bonuses. Matters relating to wages and salaries are also handled by the HR department. If an employee wants to make a request, raise an issue, make a claim or bring any conflict to notice, they must report to their immediate boss and the HR department. The HR department will then try to resolve the issue and maintain employee satisfaction levels.

Of the many issues that HR might face, salary disputes are a common yet critical issue. Salary dispute may arise when an employee feels under-compensated for their work.

A salary dispute letter is written by the employee when there is a disagreement between the employee and the employer regarding the salary. This may arise if an organization fails to deliver on its promise of a salary raise or promotion, or an employee feels they are paid less than their colleagues of the same position.

There are many other situations as well when a salary dispute letter is written, such as:

  • An employee was promised a slight raise in salary at the end of the probation period but the agreement did not materialize.
  • An employee felt that he was paid less than his peers for the same work.
  • A more qualified or more experienced employee was compensated less than another colleague who was less qualified or experienced.
  • An employee felt he was being offered less than the market rate.
  • An employee who was promised a certain salary or raises but was not paid may write a salary dispute letter.

Writing a salary dispute letter does not always mean that the employee and the organization are in conflict. Rather, writing a salary dispute letter is a formal step taken by an employee to indicate their grievance over the remuneration. The letter is given serious consideration by the HR. Deciding whether to revise the salary or not, is purely the decision of the HR department taken in consultation with the employee’s supervisor.

A sample letter

Subject: Salary dispute

Dear Sir/Madam,

I joined [NAME] Pvt. Ltd on May 1, 20xx. I was on a probationary period for 3 months ending on July 1, 20xx. According to the signed employment contract, my salary was to increase by 20% at the end of the probation period. However, when I received this month’s salary, it still reflected the amount for the probationary period.

I have successfully completed my probationary period and received a positive performance review. Despite this, my salary was not revised. To be honest, this is distressing for me since I feel I am under compensated for my work responsibilities.

Kindly consider revising my salary slip according to the contract signed. If you have any questions, I am available for discussion. Looking forward to your cooperation.


Iver Lakely


Salary Dispute Letter to Employer

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