Resignation Acceptance Letters

A company’s policies are designed in such a way that there is always room for leniency. These leniencies can be of any kind, such as increasing the contract period or resigning from the company. Both cases are most likely associated with performances. Sometimes, employees request an increase in the job contract before it expires. This reveals their job satisfaction and willingness to work more for the respective organization.

Various situations arise when an employee has to resign. The human resources department is responsible for dealing with resignations. Resignation can be voluntary or involuntary. The involuntary resignations are time-based regarding age, post, rank, etc. The voluntary resignation occurs at the will of the employee.

They can resign due to any health issue, getting a job abroad, migrating to their hometown, higher studies, and many more. The companies have set policies and procedures for accepting the resignation. These policies make it easier to deal with resignations promptly and easily. These policies must be designed in such a way that all the steps leading to resignation can be followed easily.

An employee sends a resignation letter, providing the reason. Then the company accepts the resignation and sends a confirmation letter to the respective employee. The letter contains praise for the employee’s performance. It also contains a good wish for the future. Moreover, the period and relevant dates are also mentioned. It also contains the details of the dues that are left to collect. Additionally, it is good to keep a record of resignations.

Sample #1

This is to formally acknowledge the receipt of your resignation letter dated May 12, 20XX. Your request to end your tenure with ABC Company has been accepted with a notice period of 2 weeks.

Your contributions to the company have been invaluable. We appreciate your commitment to ensuring the success of our projects. It has been a pleasure having you as a part of our time together.

The HR team will provide you with details about the exit process, clearance procedure, and other formalities. Please ensure a smooth transition by handing over your responsibilities and any company assets in your possession.

While we are saddened to see you go, we wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Sample #2

I am writing on behalf of the entire management team at XYZ Company to formally acknowledge the receipt of your resignation. Your decision to leave came as a surprise to us, but we fully respect and understand your choice.

You have been a valuable team member. Your hard work, dedication, and expertise played a significant role in the overall achievements of the company. The management is saddened to lose one of its most efficient employees.

We understand that your decision to leave is important for your future career growth, as you must avail yourself of better opportunities. However, if you ever wish to return, the management will be more than happy to have you back on board!

As you step into this new chapter of your professional journey, we’d like to offer some advice. Always exhibit professional ethics, accept new challenges for further growth, and keep on learning.

We wholeheartedly wish you every success in your future endeavors. Your next organization will be fortunate to have you as a part of its team. I wish you all the very best.

Sample #3

This is to acknowledge your resignation letter dated May 12, 20XX, from the position of Senior Accounts Manager. Your resignation letter has been accepted, and your last working day with the company will be June 12, 20XX. It was a pleasure working with you throughout all these years. I wish you the best of luck in your future ventures. Please feel free to contact me for any references if needed.

Sample #4

With great regret, I accept your resignation letter dated May 24, 20XX, which formally ends your working tenure with the company in the position of Assistant manager on June 24, 20XX. It has certainly been a great pleasure working with an individual like you.

You have been a responsible employee of the company throughout. On behalf of other team members, I wish you the best of luck for your future. Please contact the accounts department for any dues left to be settled. If needed, feel free to contact me for any future references.

Sample #5

This is to bring to your knowledge that your resignation dated April 23, 20XX, has been duly accepted. Your last working day with the company will be May 23, 20XX. You had served the company in the capacity of financial analyst and worked with great responsibility and sincerity.

We at ABC wish you the best of luck for future projects. Feel free to contact me for any assistance.

Resignation acceptance letter
Resignation acceptance letter
Resignation acceptance letter