Proposal Letter to Sell Products

A proposal letter to sell the products is a letter that is written by an individual or an organization, that is seeking an arrangement to sell its products. It is addressed to a client, with which the organization wants to sign a deal. In this letter, the organization attempts to describe its products in a way that the client organization will be enticed to sign a deal. This letter is not only explanatory but also can be used to market one’s products as well. The competitive edge of the organization and the reason why the client should choose the organization’s products need to be clearly stated.

A proposal letter is different than a simple proposal. Although both are descriptive, the proposal letter is not as detailed as a proposal. As the proposal letter is, usually, the first step of approaching a client, it needs to clearly be outlined. The tone of this letter should be formal, and non-condescending.

Along with that, all the relevant details need to be clearly stated, without missing out on any important information, as it might agitate the client, and he may reject the offer instantly. The proposal letter should be considered as a chance to initiate a long-term relationship with the client organization.

When an organization wants to reach out to a client organization, it sends the client a formal proposal letter to sell the products. The information included in the letter may vary as per the requirements of the company as well as the client’s organization. In addition, the type of products to be sold and the offerings by the company, also affect the material in such letters. Generally, the following details are included:

  • Date.
  • Details of the client.
  • Details of the organization or individual.
  • Description and details about the product, including quality, variety, prices, etc.
  • Competitive edge and experience.
  • Benefits of the deal to the client.
  • Special offerings to the client, if any.
  • Mention any attached documents.
  • Show availability for any questions by providing an accessible contact.
  • Show hope for a good response.
  • Gratitude.
  • Salutations and signature.

When the client receives the proposal letter, if the contract offerings are not satisfactory for him, he rejects it immediately and informs the organization that he is not interested in the proposal. Usually, the correspondence ends at this step. However, if he likes the deal and deems it beneficial, he will ask the organization for more details and meetings, and they would sign the contract.

Sample Proposal Letter to Sell Products


Dear Mr. Steven,

I am writing this letter to propose our stationery products to your company XYZ Limited.

ABC limited has been in this business for over fifteen years. We believe in selling quality products at an affordable price. In addition, we have a huge variety of products, which makes it possible for us to operate at a smaller as well as at a larger scale.

We have noticed your tender notice in the newspaper on 5th June 20XX, and we believe we fulfill all your requirements. We can provide all the required products of your demanded brands. As we buy in bulk, we can sell to you at a competitive price as well. Furthermore, if you sign a two-year contract with us, we will offer you a 5% extra discount as well as free delivery throughout.

The price list of your required products, specially designed for you, is attached with this proposal letter. If you need any other information, feel free to contact me at [X].

Waiting for your positive response. Thank you for your time.


Samantha john.

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