Monthly Billing Invoice Statement

Monthly billing invoice statement is used to record all the purchases and invoices done in a month and this statement includes past, due, aging and remittance sections. You can record all the details about your customer’s invoices spread over a month in this invoice statement.

This invoice template is a document that is used to enlist each amount that is due, mentions if any previous payments have been made and then calculates the due balance.

The remittance sections of this monthly invoice statement are for use of customer to mention the amount of payment made by him. Monthly billing invoice statement is used as a notification that is sent to a specific customer to whom invoice has been sent but his payment is still awaited. And this is the customer who is continuously having transactions with us and is involved with us in continuous sale purchase and payment.

About Template

Monthly billing invoice statement acts as summary information about the balance of this customer and is used as a request for payment of due balance. This invoice statement should be sent to the customer after a few days of the invoice is sent before the closure of the first billing cycle that is mutually decided with this customer. And just in case the payment from this customer is not received until the second billing cycle end, another billing invoice statement should be sent to this customer. Now this second invoice statement sent to this customer will be a step of what is called a collection process.

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Monthly Billing Invoice Statement Template

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Service invoice template

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What is the purpose of monthly billing invoice statement?

The billing invoice statement is issued to a specific person in order to let him know how much he has to pay by the due date. The total amount to be paid after the due date is also mentioned in the billing invoice.

The monthly billing invoice contains the total balance as well as total amount of purchases. Generally, the statement is issued after the provision of services. For example, when the patient is discharged from the hospital, the billing statement is issued to him. The details about previous and current balance are also mentioned in the invoice.

What is the common information mentioned in the statement?

Monthly billing statements are commonly used by the credit card companies when they want to document all the purchases of the customers made with the help of credit card. The statement is a combination of following details:

  1. The total amount the customer owes
  2. Details about all the purchases made by the customer
  3. Cash withdrawal details
  4. Minimum payment needed to be made
  5. Due date of making the payment
  6. Details about credit limit
  7. Terms and conditions of the company issuing the invoice statement.

Aforementioned details in the invoice are the common details which may vary from invoice to invoice. You can add more details specific to your billing statement.

The customer should read the monthly statement carefully just to keep track of the purchases. The customer can match the transaction history mentioned in the billing statement with his personal record. It is advisable to make the payment as soon as you receive the billing invoice statement in order to avoid extra payment that you will be required to make in case you pay after due date.