Medical Complaint Form

Medical complaint form

A medical complaint form or patient complaint form is one of the major documents, which is widely used by people. This form is usually provided to all those patients or the relatives of the patients who are not satisfied by the medical treatment given by the doctor or healthcare provider. It is the right of every patient who has been treated in the hospital, to lodge a complaint against the doctor/healthcare provider or the management of that hospital for not treating him well.

The medical complaint form should necessarily be filled by the patient and should be sent to the medical council. The medical council then takes necessary actions against the doctor or anyone who is found to be responsible for the mistreatment with the patient.

However, the Council takes actions only if it receives a legitimate and logical complaint. The patients can complain if the doctor is not performing his duties well or any other actual problem.

Things to consider while filling medical complaint form:

  1. The complaint should describe the mistreatment of the person against whom the complaint is being lodged.
  2. The patient should also provide necessary evidence that can support his complaint.
  3. The evidence given by the patient should be able to prove the mistake at the end of doctor or hospital.

The medical complaint form is used when the hospital is providing the poor services and not giving the right treatment to its patients. Almost all the hospitals provide this form to the patient if they require. The form is beneficial for the hospital also since it lets the management of the hospital know about the problems and then they can devise some solutions to solve those problems.

The medical complaint form template is available here. This template contains a form with empty fields. The user can print this form template free of cost from any printer. The user is also allowed to add some additional fields in the form if the existing form is not fulfilling his/her needs.


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