Letter to Contractor for Damage

You are required to work with contractors if you have a project underway and you want it to be completed. Contractors are expected to submit flawless work whenever they are tasked to do any type of work. No matter how professional and the experienced contractor you have hired, you are likely to face some inconvenience caused by the contractor.

Sometimes it becomes cumbersome to get the services of contractors. You are required to stay in touch with them and supervise the work they do to make sure that they are working according to how they have been instructed.

To make the contractor work for you, you are often needed to handover your assets and equipment to them. Sometimes, contractors cause damage to your property unintentionally or intentionally. The contractor should be told that you are aware of the damage. For this purpose, you can write this letter:

What is a letter to the contractor for damage?

This is a type of letter that you write to the contractor when you want to tell him that you have come to know about the damages that have been caused by the contractor. This letter will make the contractor conscious about his work and he will try to be more careful.

The purpose of this letter is to make the contractor aware of the fact that the damage he is causing to the property is not acceptable by you. You can request him to be careful with the future. This letter can help you get compensation for the damages in one or another way. However, it is important to write this letter in such a way that you can communicate the right information through this letter.

This is another type of professional letter that needs to be drafted with care. Considering the importance of writing an effective letter to the contractor, we are providing here some tips for you:

  • Write with politeness:

Seeing your personal property or assets getting damaged due to someone is disturbing. This might have enraged you to a great extent. However, you need to remain calm and talk politely to the contractor. The contractor should be told that you are not happy to see the damages as it would cause you a lot of financial loss. However, your tone in the letter should be formal and polite.

  • Keep it short:

While writing this letter, it should be ensured that the letter does not exceed one or two pages. If you write a long letter to the contractor, the contractor might not read it or might not understand it well. Therefore, add only the necessary details. If you have long details to give, ask the contractor to meet you in person for further discourse.

  • Enlist the damages:

It is important to enlist the damages that your property has suffered. If the contractor has caused these damages unknowingly, he will be able to see those damages that you have mentioned in the letter.

  • Call to action:

After having every important detail about damages, ask the contractor to take some actions to compensate you. You can ask the contractor to fix those things that have suffered damages

Sample letter:

Date: ——————

Subject: subject of the letter

Respected (name of the contractor),

There have been some minor damages to various parts of the property that you have been asked to renovate. It was agreed upon between you and our company that damages caused to the property by the contractor or any person in the team of the contractor will be covered by him.

I gave a monthly visit to the house that you are renovating and repairing. Below is a list of damages that has been seen in the property:

  1. Supports in the garage are damaged. These supports were perfectly fine before the building was taken over by the contractor.
  2. Cracks have also been seen in the walls of the room that you are renovating.
  3. While constructing a new gate, you have damaged the wall on the right side of the gate. It has compromised the security of the house.

According to the contract, the damages were to be covered by the person who will cause them. I want you to fix those things that have suffered during the work you are doing.  It would cost me so much if I hired another individual for fixing these things.

I would request you to fix all these damaged things before you wrap up all the tasks that you were assigned. I would like to say thanks to you for providing your services.  


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