Daily Building Maintenance Report Letter

What is a daily building maintenance report letter?

It is a report written in the format of a letter to update the concerned authorities about the maintenance of the building. The purpose of the report is to ensure that people doing the maintenance work and people who are informed about it remain on the same page and things go smoothly. The complete report with the comprehensive details is written when the work is completed. Before this, the daily report letter is written with a description of tasks done in a single day.

Who writes a report letter for updating on repairing work?

Not everyone has to write this letter. Only a few people are asked to provide the report. People who are responsible for repairing different parts of the building usually prepare a report and send it in the form of a letter. People who take the contract of the building usually shoulder this responsibility.

Who should be sent the sustentation update letter?

In general, the owner of the building expects the hired contractor to write the report to him. However, in some cases, the house owner is not interested in getting daily updates and he only wants to see the result. In such a situation, the contractor asks his team to prepare a report, and then it is sent to the contractor. 

What is the purpose of the daily report letter regarding sustentation?

The purpose of this information letter is to keep the recipient of the letter updated about the work being done. This way, everyone remains on the same page and there are fewer chances of a conflict. Some people also like to receive the daily description of work because they want to make sure that the work is being done correctly. This is a useful tool because it enables the people to find the fault quickly which eventually saves the workers from rework.

Some house owners or contractors also like this report because this enables them to keep an eye on the workers. This lets them see that everyone is working at the required pace. When people have to meet the deadline, they ask for a report on a daily basis because this is the only way by which they can make workers work with consistency.

The daily report letter is a summary of the daily work and people like to read it because it gives them a quick summary and review of the work that has been done so far. Therefore, they always prefer a report letter on a simple report whenever they want to be updated.

How long it should be?

It is important to remember that the daily maintenance description of work is never too long because it is written daily and it covers the work description of only one day. Even if you have long details to share, make sure that you do it concisely. A report letter to be sent daily should not be longer than one page.

What should be the format?

Although it is a report, the format of the letter should always be followed since it is sent like a letter. To write this piece of document, one must ensure that the correct format of the letter is followed.

Below is given a sample letter based on a report that can be used as a template or help to write a report in your own unique scenario.

Sample description letter:

Building owner’s name:
Maintenance date:
Address of the building:
Name of maintenance provider:
Address of the maintenance provider:
Email or phone number:

Subject: Daily building maintenance report:

Dear Sir/Madam,

This report letter serves as a report on the daily maintenance work. Please find the update regarding the maintenance work that has been on your building so far

1. Cleaning of common areas
2. Removal of the trash from the building
3. Repairing of the external electronic system of the house
4. Checking up on the heating and cooling system of the house
5. Tuning of all the utility services

If you want some more work to be added to the maintenance of the building, do let me know. 


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Daily building maintenance report letter

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