Apology letter by Customer for Order Cancellation

An apology letter is written by a customer to express regret for canceling an event, order, subscription, service, or contract. The customer can have various reasons to cancel an order, but they should be cordial enough to apologize to the company, from which they ordered since it can turn into a financial loss for that company. Thus, a formal letter is issued by the customer, to apologize for the cancelation along with the reason for the cancelation and details of the order.

Purpose of writing an apology letter

An apology letter serves as a multi-purpose highly effective letter, which enables the customer to maintain respect and fulfill the due process as well. Cancelation of an order already placed requires a process to be fulfilled since it has to be cleared from the company’s system and needs to stop from the delivery. If the payment was already done, then it serves as a request letter for a refund as well. Most importantly, you do not want to leave with a reputation, of not being able to reorder in the future, therefore it saves reputation as well.

Reasons for order cancelation

There is always scope for human errors or natural emergencies, which may lead to situations in which one may need to cancel an order. Some of such reasons which may require an order cancellation are as follows:

  • Urgent traveling plans
  • Financial or personal emergency
  • Change of mind
  • To reorder the item on sale
  • Health or security concerns
  • Natural disaster in the area

A sample apology letter for cancelation of order by the customer is given below:

Sample Apology letter

Subject: Apology Letter for Cancellation of Order [Order Number]

To whom it may concern,

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing you this letter to express my regret over the cancelation of my order [order number].

It is informed with sincere apologies, that I have to cancel my order [order number], placed on [date of order]. I purchased 6 curtains from your home linen collection, with order IDs 678, 987, 098, 345,546, 190, and 632 respectively. Your similar items went on sale the very next day I ordered them. Therefore, I would apologize to you for canceling the previous order and I would like to proceed with a new order with a discounted price.

I had already paid $8000/- for the curtains through my credit card [card number], on [date of payment]. Since it is your company’s policy that the items other than sale can be exchanges, therefore, I would like to exchange the items with sale items, and please settle down my payment in that account. I hope you can refund the left-over amount into my account.

Looking forward to your response. Thank you for your consideration.

[Customer’s Name]

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