Work Estimate Template for Excel

What is a work estimate?

A work estimate is an estimate of the work that a person is willing to do for an individual or an organization. When a person prepares a document of work estimate, he also includes the cost of that work. 

Estimating the work can be a little tougher at times. Sometimes, the contractor put so many efforts but still, they are not able to estimate the work in a professional way. When it comes to performing the work estimate, it is very important to put the quality as well as professionalism together. 

Contractors usually have experience working in a particular domain. Therefore, they are consulted whenever the estimate of the cost of the work is required to be known. The work estimate document makes it clear to the person how much he will have to spend on completing the work while staying in budget constraints.

What should be included in the work estimate?

If you want to have an attractive and useful work estimate, you should make sure that your work estimate does not miss the following details.

1.Description of the job

In this section of the document, it is important to give an explanation of the work that you will do. You should mention what role you will play in completing the project. Giving the description has nothing to do with you have been asked to do.

2. Material required to complete the work

In this part of the document, you will enlist all those items that you need to complete your job. All the necessary materials and the cost of each item should be specified in this document. It is important to not get too detailed since it is not your job to get the material or pay for it.

3. The total cost of the work

Telling the recipient about the total cost of the work is the most important detail of this document. In fact, most of the people will ask you to submit the work estimate only because they want to know whether they can afford to render your services or not. The total estimate of the cost gives them a clear idea about how much it will cost them to hire you.

4. Details about payment

As a matter of fact, every service provider has some terms and conditions on which he shows his willingness to work with an organization or an individual. If you want to secure yourself, you can tell the recipient about the last date by which the payment should be made to you. If you want to set some penalties for late payments, do mention them in this part.

5. Give your contact details

A work estimate document should be ended with the contact details of the person who is writing the estimate. If the targeted person or company like the estimate, it will contact the contractor. Make sure that you mention multiple contact details so that the other person does not face any difficulty in contacting you.

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