Work Completion Forms

A work completion form is a document that is prepared to record the details of a work, job, task, or project. The information regarding the type of work, duration, utilized resources, limitations, etc., are all filled in this form. This form becomes the basis of the client’s issuance of a work completion certificate as well as the release of the company’s payment.

Once a job gets done all its information, from the start to the end, is filled in the form by the company or contractor, so that the features of the completed work can be analyzed by the client.

Work Completion Form

Sometimes, employers prepare work completion forms for internal records, while in other instances, a client may demand it. In the latter case, the form may either be designed by the company or the client. Irrespective of who prepares the work completion form, a few considerations need to be kept in mind while designing it. These include:

  • The client’s demands and requirements should be met.
  • The company’s performance should be clearly stated.
  • The nature of the project or work needs to be kept in mind.
  • A proper description of the project is important.
  • The comprehensiveness and duration of the project affect the details that need to be added in the form.
  • The information needs to be properly structured.
  • Quality checks and standards should be communicated.
  • If applicable, the associated safety measures and levels need to be mentioned.
  • A slot should be left for stating any limitations or issues, that could be faced while doing a certain job.

Depending on all the above factors, and more, a work completion form is designed; it can be a very small form or a very lengthy one, consisting of several pages. Nevertheless, the following information is included in almost all the work completion forms:

  • Date.
  • Details of the company, including the name, logo, slogan, etc.
  • Details of the client.
  • Job reference.
  • Duration of the project, including the period.
  • Work description.
  • Quality and safety standards.
  • Company’s performance.
  • Limitations or issues.
  • Status of work: tested or not.
  • Signature and stamp of the authorized person.

When work gets completed, the company fills the information in this form and sends it to the client. The company often attaches this form with the invoice payment and the technical report. The completed form is an indication to the client that the company has completed its task, and the invoice indicates that the company wants its payment to be released.

If the client thinks the job has been done finely, and the completed form is accurate as well, it would release the payment as per the contract terms. However, if there are any issues, e.g. some changes or revisions are required, the project has not been tested, etc., the client might hold back some percentage of the payment unless the project is completely delivered.

The work completion forms are kept as a record in the project or client file so that they can be referred to in the future if required.

Work Completion Form

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Work Completion Forms
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