Show Cause Letters

What are show cause letters?

Show-cause letters are written by the employer to employee. The employee responds by writing a letter when they have to give a reason to their employer that why their job should not be terminated.

Before taking any disciplinary action against an employee, many employers write show cause letter to their employee giving them an opportunity to prove that there are worth the job position they are currently working on.

When an employer has some performance issues with the employee, he can write the show cause letter to the employee and ask him to respond to the allegations of misconduct or poor performance.

The companies or individual wanting to practice natural justice can use show cause letter to ensure fairness in the disciplinary action procedure.

Why are show cause letters issued to employees?

In an organization, sometimes you face the conflict with your co-workers for a variety of reasons. The conflicts a person may face are disagreement on something, misunderstanding etc. Sometimes, the misconduct of the person in an organization also becomes the reason for the conflict in the workplace.

The show cause letters are issued to employees when the employee wants the employee to get a chance to clear his position. There is always a reason behind every misconduct or poor performance.

The employee should be asked to give the reason for whatever he has committed to proving that his dismissal from the job is not justified.

Giving a chance to the employee is a fair approach that makes an organization ensure that the termination of an employee from the job is a right decision.

What are different situations that may lead to issue a show cause letter to an employee?

The organizations that write show cause letter to a specific individual or group of people to know why a disciplinary action should not be taken against them. When an organization finds anyone in wrongdoing such as misconduct, poor performance etc.

It should give a chance to an employee to hear from him. Different situations in which the show cause notice is written are:

  1. When a student in an institute is decided to expel from the institute due to malpractice, s/he is issued a show cause letter to explain the reason for violating the rules of the Institute.
  2. When an employee gets involved in a misconduct s/he is issued a show cause letter to give a reason.
  3. In some cases, the court also issues the show cause letter to a lawyer when he does not provide the evidence that he was expected to

A sample show cause letter:




Subject: Show Cause Letter

It was reported by the management of the company that on 20th August at 9:30 am, misconduct was committed by you. You have failed in performing your duties well and have violated the rules of the organization.

Due to the misconduct, the company has decided to suspend you from the job for 14 days. You are required to show cause by the 15th September. If you failed to show cause, the decision of temporary suspension will be practiced.


Sample show cause letter to an employee

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