Salary Increment Recommendation Letter to Boss for a Colleague

Everyone likes it when their salary increases. This encourages people to work hard so that this can occur. When an employer notices that an employee under them is working well they may want to request higher authorities to increase this person’s salary. When a salary increase occurs or when anyone requests a salary increase, a letter is important here.

What is a Salary Increment Recommendation letter for staff?

The salary increment recommendation letter for staff is the letter that the employee writes to those in charge of salary stating that they are recommending one of their staff members’ salaries be increased. The letter must be an encouraging one so that what is being requested gets fulfilled.

The salary increment recommendation letter for staff is important due to the following reasons:

  • Is a formal way to request an increase in salary
  • Can be kept as proof that this request was made
  • Is a formal and professional way to handle things by the organization, institution, company, etc.
  • Is written encouragingly so that the salary increment occurs

Tips to create the letter:

If you are an employer, you will probably have to create a salary increment recommendation letter for staff at a certain time. Therefore, you must have a format of this available. The letter must be written clearly and professionally giving the point over properly. The following tips can be kept in mind when you are creating the letter:

  • Application: Begin by selecting the best application to write the letter in. The application must be easy to use and give the letter a professional look. Microsoft Word is helpful here as it has many fonts and styles that can make the letter formal.
  • Why the letter is being written: The boss must have some reasons presented by you of why the salary increase should occur. You must tell why you are supporting the employee. Tell how they are an important part of the team and whether they asked for the raise. Give solid reasons for why it is a good idea to increase the pay of the particular person and how they are helping the company prosper overall.
  • Date: It is important to state the date so that it is known when the letter got written and when the request occurred. In case the letter needs to be consulted, later, the date is helpful.
  • Details of boss: State the name of the boss and their designation. Tell the company name as well.
  • The subject of the letter: Because the letter is a professional one it is necessary to include a precise line stating what it is concerned about so that the boss knows what to expect. It can be something like “Recommendation for Salary Increase for a staff member”.
  • Address the letter: The letter must be addressed professionally. It can be like “Dear Sir/Madam”. If you know the name of the boss, then state it.
  • Start of the letter: The first paragraph is important, and it must be clear and precise so that the boss continues reading on and is encouraged to do so. Begin by telling why you are writing the recommendation letter. This is to request a salary increase for a staff member. Give the name of the department the staff member is in. It is important to tell the name of the employee and their present position along with the salary that they have at the moment. Inform the boss that you have been analyzing the employee’s performance for some time and you feel like they must get a pay raise. By adding these details in the first paragraph you can allow the boss to know what the letter is about.
  • Body of the letter: In the next paragraph you will give the reasons why the pay increase is a good idea. You can say that their performance has exceeded expectations. If they have helped the company prosper and increase profits in a certain area, tell this. Those points which will help the increase occur must be stated. The last paragraph must inform the boss that you recommend the increase. End with “Sincerely” and your name, designation, and department.
  • Include what is needed: It is necessary that you only include those points that are required. Do not make it long or else it will be ignored and not read.

The salary increment recommendation letter for staff should not be written in a forceful way forcing the boss to do this. It is a request and words that suggest this must be employed. The above points can be kept in mind when writing the letter.

Sample Letter -1

Dear Mr. Hamilton

I am Christopher John and have been working under your kind supervision for the past twenty years. in fact, I am one of the few employees that joined ABC Organization at the start of its establishment and since then till now I have been working here. I am working on the post of Area Manager and I am satisfied with everything here. The core aim of penning down this letter is to ask for salary increment for Mr. Joseph who has been giving his services for the past three years and has been an efficient worker here.

Mr. Joseph joined the company as a junior project assistant ad after one year of joining got promoted to assistant project assistant and at the start of the current year, he was promoted to project manager. He has been an efficient and engrossed employee and has performed exuberant and marvelous skills and has proved an asset for the company.

I am writing this letter to you to recommend him suitable for salary increment as he well deserves it. He has been giving his 100% percent performance with enormous hard work and deliberating the outcomes by successfully meeting the deadlines and targets. During his recent position, he has tackled numerous projects and has enhanced the productivity of the department up to 30% since his time here. During the last one and a half years he has successfully exceeded the targets to a level of great length.

It is not only me who is praising him but everyone in the department gets inspired by his talented skills. He is often praised based on teamwork and exuberant communication skills. He is a proficient and multi-talented colleague and always performs duties on time without any delay.

I have attached his valuation report along with this letter so you may have look at it. He has been contributing a major part to the organization’s success and development. His salary is twenty percent less than the set salary for the same position as per market skill equivalence.

I hope that you will pay a kind consideration to this recommendation and will do something in this regard. This would be a great favor on your behalf.

Ruth King

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Sample Letter -2

I hope you will be doing well. I am writing this formal letter to you on behalf of Mr. Marvell for the increment in his salary based on some obvious reasons. He has been giving his services for the post of Assistant Manager Operation for the past eight years and being his senior, I have found him always supporting and devoted to his work. He always remains available and ready when proposed some extra job work and responsibilities. Viewing his previous record and achievements as well as organizational standard salaries will elucidate grounds for an increase in salary up to 30 percent in annual pay.

He was appointed as managing director and along the years he was given additional duties including budget decisions, staff, and project management. Moreover, he has also improved himself by fulfilling certain accomplishments.

Firstly, he has managed the triumphant launch of the company’s new product that paved a way for the company’s progress. Secondly, he worked hard for the excellence of the company and accomplished all the deadlines on time. Thirdly, he improved the regulations in the payable accounts system and saved the annual revenue of the company up to 50%. While looking through the narrowed eyes his previous record shows that his coworkers appreciate his management way and he is a precious chap of the group.

By looking through the above-mentioned circumstances I recommend him suitable for salary increment. I hope that you will ponder over the matter. I assure you that he will accommodate himself for benefit of the company. Moreover, if you have any other plan regarding his salary increment then you can negotiate the matter. This would be a great favor on your behalf.

Matthew Ralph

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