Request Letter for Inspection of Material and Equipment

What is a request letter for examination of the material?

A letter that a company chooses to write when it has designed certain products for one of its customers and wants to formally ask the customers to inspect them before they are delivered to him.

What is the purpose of the application to the customer for scanning purchased items?

The basic objective of writing this application letter is to convince the customer into visiting the store and carefully examining the products that he has purchased. However, this letter also brings news for the client that the products have been successfully manufactured and the customer should be ready now for the next step.

Some people also request their clients to inspect because they want to avoid the trouble that they often get into when they deliver the order without inspection and the client continuously pesters them for rework for bringing the improvement.

What is a proper way to write a request for examination?

Contacting customers for any purpose is what many people find difficult especially when they are required to do it to convince customers for something. However, writing properly can help them reap desirable results.

The instructions given below can be followed to ensure that a professional piece of writing has been submitted.

Always write on the letterhead:

Whenever a letter is written on behalf of a company, there should be a letterhead on which the letter should be written. Firstly, the letterhead gives the professional look to the letter and secondly, the receiver can easily confirm after reading the letter that it has come from official sources.

Gather details:

You know that while requesting to inspect the order, you will have to refer to the order you are requesting to inspect for. Collect details about the order such as order number, invoice number, details of items in the order, and some other pertinent details. If the receiver of this letter has placed multiple orders with you, he will come to know currently which order he is being asked to examine.

Make a formal request for examination:

Professional letters don’t have to belong and are irrelevant. If you are writing to make the request, do it as soon as possible. Request the recipient to visit the warehouse and see all the equipment he has purchased.

 End with providing your contact details:

Tell the reader that you are ready to provide your assistance to him anytime. So, he can contact you whenever he feels the need to take help regarding the inspection.

Follow the template:

For some people, the template works like a magic. It saves their time and also provides them with the best and professionally written request letter that they can readily send to their customers without giving it a second thought.

Below is a sample letter that you will find helpful in the situation you have to contact the client for scanning of the equipment you are ready to sell him.

Sample request letter for scanning of the inventory:

Sender’s name:
Address of the sender:


Receiver’s name:
Address of the receiver:

Subject: A request for inspection of [X]

Dear Sir,

Most respectfully, my name is [NAME] and I am working as an [Designation] in ABC Company. I have worked on the order that you place on 5th October 20XX. Your order number was [X] and there were 5 items in the order. The invoice number issued against this order is [X]. Since the order is complete and ready to be delivered, I would like to humbly request you to visit the store located at (mention the address of the store) and inspect the material and equipment.

As per the agreement with you, we cannot deliver the material and equipment to you unless you examine them thoroughly and approve them for delivery. Please consider this request letter as an invitation to our store for the inspection of all the equipment you have ordered. If you have any query regarding this letter, please don’t hesitate to contact me on (mention your phone number).


Name of the sender,
Designation of the sender in the company


Request Letter for Inspection of Material and Equipment

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