Pregnancy Confirmation Letter

A pregnancy confirmation letter is written by the doctor to verify the news of the pregnancy. The main purpose of writing this letter is to confirm that the pregnancy has occurred. The letter is usually issued by a medical institute such as a hospital where a woman goes to conduct her pregnancy test. The confirmation of the pregnancy is done after conducting blood and urine tests.

Once the pregnancy is verified, the doctor advises some exercises and also some medicines to the patient. Almost every doctor issues a pregnancy confirmation letter.

The format of the pregnancy confirmation letter:

Although every letter used in different hospitals has the same format. However, there are some details that vary from hospital to hospital. The major difference in each letter is the hospital’s logo and its specific details such as phone number, address, etc. The logo is mentioned at the top of the form/letter. Some hospitals also apply a watermark on the form. Commonly this letter is written on the letterhead of the hospital.

About Templates:

There are many websites that provide you with a template of a pregnancy confirmation letter to be used to confirm the pregnancy. The template for a real, confirmation letter can be obtained from this website. The template is very easy to use and saves a lot of time.

Main elements of the letter:

The key details that are added to this confirmation letter are:

  • The details of the patient such as name, contact details including phone number, email address, etc.
  • It also asks to input the name of the physician who is issuing this letter telling positive pregnancy results.
  • The details of the patient’s illness or the background of the patient’s medical history.
  • The date of birth of the patient.

Other reason(s) to get the verification letter?

The main purpose of issuing this letter is to make the patient aware of her medical condition so that she can take better care of herself. The health of the mother as well as the baby can only be monitored when the mother’s pregnancy is confirmed. Some people may want to use it as fake pregnancy verification.

Preview and Details of Template

Pregnancy Confirmation Letter

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Other samples


Dear Alice, hope you have been having a wonderful time. We are very pleased to let you know that you visited our clinic for the pregnancy test and it turned out positive. You are 11 weeks pregnant and your baby is in good health. The rough date of conceiving is [mention date] and your delivery date would be [mention date].

We congratulate you for being on a new journey and there are certain pieces of advice that you need to be followed.

You have to feed to life now and for this, you need to keep yourself hydrated all the time and maintain a nutritious diet. Visit the doctor on the 4th of every month and on each visit; bring your previous month’s report along with you. Circumscribed with the letter is your pregnancy confirmation report. Please feel free to contact us at any time for further clarification.


Hello Jessica, hope you will be in seventh heaven after getting this news. This is to inform you that your pregnancy test report has come positive. Your expected delivery date is [mention date]. You are advised to meet the doctor in this regard and take great care of yourself. Happy motherhood Jessica.


I am Jane Lewis and writing this message to give you confirmation news of your pregnancy. I can imagine your level of happiness after hearing this news. This made me recall the old times when I was expecting a third baby and all of the struggles I went through were really memorable. You will pass through many ups and downs in your pregnancy but you need to keep your morale high.

Involve yourself in healthy activities and avoid meeting toxic people as it will really affect the health of your baby. I have attached your pregnancy report and ultrasound copy with this letter and you need to come for a follow-up on [mention date].


Hope you are enjoying good health. This message is to let you know about your pregnancy confirmation as you had got your tests done by our laboratory. We really congratulate you as motherhood is the most remarkable phase of life where you go through unique experiences each day. Having one’s own baby in hands provides immense pleasure that cannot be described in words. You get yourself ready to even sacrifice your happiness for your baby’s sake.

You will meet different opinions of people and they will tell you terror-struck stories but you do not need to give an ear to those stories. You come to know the hidden power you are bestowed with while giving birth. I will suggest you read good books and involve yourself in healthy activities. Moreover, do not forget to consult a doctor. I wish you the best of luck with your motherhood journey.


Hello Elizabeth, hold your breath to listen to very exciting and happy news. You visited our laboratory on [mention date] to get your pregnancy test done and we are very delighted to let you know that you are pregnant and in your first trimester. Motherhood is a very interesting phase as you keep moving on a roller coaster of mood swings. Sometimes you will feel low and sometimes you will be very energetic, this is all part of this phase.

This phase is never easy, so for having a healthy baby you must need to take proper care of your health as a healthy mother will deliver a healthy child. As per your ultrasound report, your date of delivery will be [mention date]. Keep visiting your doctor after every two weeks and follow the diet plan given by your consultant. You will love every moment of your motherhood and for this, you need to keep your mind away from negative thoughts. Have safe motherhood.