Letter of Counselling for Unprofessional Behavior


Re: Counseling Note for the Unprofessional Behavior

Dear James,

This letter is aimed to serve as a counseling note to you for your unprofessional behavior in the office. As you have been reported to be acting in a very unprofessional manner on 22-12-20XX, I have grave concerns on the professional behavior which ultimately creates a professional ambiance in the workplace. I am sorry to hear that but here, I intend to write to counsel you about professional manners and I expect you to be a more professional and competent worker in the office.

The office cannot retain and tolerate unprofessional gestures and manners.

  1. First, you need to come and leave the office at the given time. No one in the office is allowed to come to the office in the late hours and leave earlier than the given time except for exceptions.
  2. Secondly, you need to be more courteous and kinder while giving criticism or asking for anything from other employees or your patrons. Being frank or disrespectful is very unprofessional and requires to be held back.
  3. Thirdly, you also need to be more productive and refrain from the activities not allowed on the premises of the office. You need to be regarding and respectful to your heads or supervisors. Other people like the mess in charge, security supervisor, or other such employees are not allowed to be looked upon scornfully. Being rude and non-compliant with the required amount of interaction and cooperation is also considered to be unprofessional. Whatever task is given to you needs to be received in a valid way or even if you need to decline it, you need to be respectful and come up with a good reason for the refusal.

James, all these things are very important to work in the offices and showcase strong team collaboration and coordination. I hope you will understand the given instructions and no more notification would be needed. Otherwise, a disciplinary letter or warning notice can be sent to you.

I hope you will comply with the rules and regulations to work in the office and not disappoint me. If you discuss anything further, you are welcome to meet me in person during office hours or write to me at [email].

I will be thankful to you if you consider this letter a piece of serious advice and comply with the principles of working, I mentioned earlier.

Thank you.


Susan Bennett,
Admin Officer in QA
Five Star Tech Groups
California, USA

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Re. Counseling for the Unprofessional Behavior in the Workplace 

Dear Williams,

This letter has been sent to you to counsel you on the manners of working in the office and behaving correctly with the other employees and staff members of the department. You have been observed since you joined the office. I am sorry but the observed behavior does not find its accordance with the given set of rules and regulations to keep the workplace environment productive and efficient. We try our best to keep our team members well-trained for this purpose so that they can make a good team of proactive people and a professional environment that can be nourished to get desired integral results.

In the corporate business company, a person’s working efficacy and integrity are judged and estimated by the set of manners and professional behaviors he or she displays. I am writing this with the expectation that you will mend your ways and act more professional in the office. Your manners have been highly immature and unprofessional regarding communication.

In the workplace, a specific way of communication must be elaborated, use of abusive language and speaking loudly is not allowed. Moreover, you should also refrain from commenting and complimenting other employees’ personal belongings as it is quite uncomfortable sometimes. You should also not use the non-productive use of negative body language. Professionalism also includes sensitivity and courtesy towards your colleagues and other workforce.

You have been seen many times sitting inappropriately in your cabin while stretching your legs on the table and using a laptop keeping it in your lap. Williams, such things, and manners create a very negative image in the mind of the people observing you around but also create an unprofessional ambiance in the office.

A well-presented person is well-regarded, and a person is presented through his body language, postures, and manners of communication. You should show respect to other employees and patrons and carry an aura of positive postures.

Briefly, I expect you to act more professionally and no insensitively or non-courteously. Professional courtesy is considered a vital requirement to work in the office. Continuous unprofessional performance can lead you to ultimate termination which is not good for your career. You are a competent employee and keeps an industrious nature when it comes to working but the behavior is a vital part of work and hence cannot be dismantled from the workplace.

I expect you to adhere to the instructions given and show an exemplary improvement through your behavior. I shall wait for positive changes in your behavior until the next evaluation period. You can meet me in person for further discussion or in case of any query, you can also write to me at [email] or call me at +[X].

Thank you.


Stephen Chaplin
QA Admin
ITECH and Services
California, USA

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