Employee-at-Home Work Tracking Log

What is the employee-at-home work tracking log?

The employee work tracking log is useful for employers because they can easily monitor the working of the employee remotely. The work tracking log is used by an employee also. Through this log, he creates a picture of what he did on an entire day and what activities were involved in his duties.

Why is the work tracking log used?

Many employers use this log just to see the progress of work that the employee was assigned. However, some diligent employers also use this log when they want to figure out how productive the employee’s day has been.

What are the benefits of using the log?

Work at home is new and a unique type of work strategy that enables the people to work for a company or a person remotely. This kind of system forms a virtual workplace in which the employer assigns different jobs to different people by hiring them and then also takes the report on the progress of work that the employee has done through the use of a tracking log. This tracking log has many benefits. Some of the key benefits are

  1. Since the employee keeps an eye on the productivity of each employee, he plans out the day of every employee to make them more productive.
  2. When the employees know that their performance and work they deliver is being monitored and checked regularly through the use of tracking log, they become more conscious and then try to deliver the work in time
  3. Handling tasks especially when you working with people remotely becomes too hard. The use of homework tracking log forms a system in which everyone is capable of handling the tasks without facing any difficulty

How to use the daily work log?

  1. The work log can be an application or a sheet that should be accessible by the employee and the employer at the same time. The employee is required to fill in the log with the work details and then send it to the employer.
  2. The work log does not only include daily work activities. All the important decisions that are made in the company are also mentioned in so that the employee is kept updated despite working remotely
  3. For many people, a work log is important just because it documents the work they daily do. This work log is best to be used by employees when they want to keep track of how many goals they have reached and how many goals are yet to be achieved. In this way, the employee can now only improve his time management skills but can also make himself more productive to reach his goals in time.
  4. Usually, the employers include all the tasks in this work log that an employee has to do. In this way, this log becomes a to-do list for the employee.
Employee at Home Work Tracking Log
Employee at Home Work Tracking Log Template

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