ADA Accommodation Letter to Employee

ADA accommodation (American disability act) accommodation allows disabled workers to apply for accommodation by the company. This type of accommodation can only be given to those employees who have some kind of disability. So, qualified people apply for it.

After the request of an employee regarding a place to live has been approved, an employer writes a letter to the employee and lets him know that his application has been approved. This letter brings news for an employee that now he will be able to get a free place to live without paying rent.

When to write an ADA accommodation letter to an employee?

Employers can write this letter when:

  1. An employee working in the company proves that he has some sort of disability
  2. There are some work restrictions on the employee due to his disability and he needs the company to be slightly flexible.
  3. There is a need to ensure that no discrimination is being shown to those employees who have some sort of disability

Useful points:

  1. Give the background of the situation by telling the employee that the company has reviewed the application submitted by the employee and then has come to the conclusion that the employee needs accommodation.
  2. Mention the work restrictions for the employee that the company has identified based on his/her disability and then provide the details of the accommodation.
  3. Let him know that the decision has been taken to show compliance with the American Disability Act.

Read the sample letter given below:

Letter 1:

Subject: ADA Accommodation letter for [X]

Dear Miss Lisa,

This letter is being written in response to the request you have made to get the accommodation so that you can perform all your job roles with convenience. We have received a note from a healthcare provider who has examined you physically. Since you are differently able, the healthcare provider has prescribed a few workplace restrictions for you. The list of restrictions is mentioned below:

[make a list of restrictions]

Based on the note, the company has decided to accommodate you in all the possible ways. The list of the accommodation is also given below:

[make a list of accommodations]

The company has made sure that these accommodations are in accordance with the American Disability Act (ADA) and will be effective from 10th September 20XX. We have tried to provide you with flexibility at the workplace as much as possible.

If you want to discuss anything further with us, let us know so we can arrange a meeting with you.


Subject: ADA Accommodation letter

Dear Miss Lisa,

We hope that this letter finds you in good health. We have recently received your application regarding ADA accommodation. Our team of professionals including healthcare providers has reviewed your application as well as the medical reports attached with the letter.

After careful consideration, the company has concluded that you deserve to get accommodations under American Accommodation Act since you are differently abled. The healthcare provider has provided us with a list of restrictions that we must respect about your disability. Considering those restrictions, the company has defined several accommodations for you. Some of them are given below:

[Make a list of accommodations]

Our employees are our top priority and we always value them. People who are disabled deserve acknowledgment and our company has a strict policy to provide them with the flexibility that makes it easy for them to work with ease. Remember that all the actions that we have taken based on your application show compliance with ADA Act. We believe that the rights of every civilian should be exercised and they should be given what they deserve.

If you want to know more about the accommodations that we have provided to you or if there is something else you want to be discussed, feel free to contact our company’s focal person of ADA accommodations Mr. James.