When you shop at a retail store, they give you a bill or invoice receipt. Along with the bill, you will also be given a survey receipt. A survey receipt is given for the purpose of the survey or getting feedback.  Usually, the retail shops require information regarding their service and product quality. There are a number of ways, a survey can be conducted. The retail or service company would require the customer’s to take interest in their survey. There are a number of ways intrigue or interest of the customer can be captured. You can either offer discounts or a chance to win free things or services.

Sometimes a toll-free number or a link to a website is mentioned, where the customer can enter a survey. The information given in the receipt is:

  • A thank you message
  • A request to enter the survey
  • A free gift or a chance to win a ballot for a product or service
  • A toll-free number or a website/Web page link where the customer can enter the survey

Sometimes a validation code is given at the end of the survey. The customer is required to return the receipt with the given validation code to win the free things.


There are a lot of templates or formats which can be followed with reference to requirements and genre of business. These survey receipts are a good way to keep a record of whether your customers are satisfied with your products or services.


survey receipt template


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