Restaurant Receipt

To provide food services to customers, different restaurants have been established in different parts of the city. Although providing food is the main service the restaurants provide, there are many other services for those who book a room or a hall for any purpose.

The restaurant can make a good income if it provides high-quality food to its customers. Moreover, the services provided to the customers also define how much a hotel is likely to earn. The hotel issues the bill to customers when they leave.

What is a restaurant service receipt?

There are different services provided to the people coming to the restaurant. Some of the common services include serving food, telephone service, and a lot more. When the customer checks out, he is issued a receipt in which the charges of every service availed are mentioned. The restaurant service receipt indicates the total amount the customer is liable to pay before checking out.

Restaurant receipt

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A receipt is an acknowledgment of a transaction of money done in return for a purchase or use of a service. All good and professionally run food outlets and restaurants have a record of each of the purchases made at their restaurant and outlets.

This information is vital for their inventory record, calculation of profit and loss statement, and calculation of tips for the waiters. The restaurant receipt is a detailed invoice of the services you used at a restaurant or the food that you ordered.

The information that the restaurant receipt holds is the logo and the name of the restaurant, the date the receipt was issued, the address and contact information of the restaurant, the name of the waiter that attended your table, the itemized detail of the food you ordered, the price of each food item and the total of the invoice presented to you.


A service receipt is issued to customers many times a day. The management of the hotel can save plenty of time by using a readymade and easy-to-use receipt template. The template makes it easier for the user to calculate the total bill to be paid.

Some restaurants use a computerized mechanism to print the receipts while others use pre-printed receipts that are to be filled by hand. At the end of the receipt, there is a printed thank you message or other promotional information and the amount of tip you want to give.

The mode of payment is also mentioned and if you have used a credit card then a credit card bill receipt will be attached to the sample restaurant receipt. Some receipts have information about the money paid and the change returned to the customer. Several restaurant receipt templates are available and you can choose according to your business setup.

Why is a restaurant service receipt used?

When a restaurant provides multiple services to its customers, it becomes essential for it to provide an itemized list of all the services it wants to be paid for. It may not be possible for a customer to remember every service he has rendered. The charges of each service should also be known by the customer so he can know if the hotel was affordable in its services or not.

The restaurant receipt also enables the management of the hotel to document all the services provided and the cost of each service. In this way, it can keep track of its income. While paying tax, the restaurant service receipt may be consulted to know the amount of tax the owner of the restaurant is liable to pay.

Restaurant receipt

File: Excel (.xls) 2007+ and iPad 
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