Work Experience Statements

Work experience is important and this needs to be stated clearly when you are applying for a job or to a university. For this, a Work Experience Statement can help out.

What is a Work Experience Statement?

This is a kind of essay where one tells where they are presently working, their position, about the company, a brief description of the job details they have, the key achievements plus accomplishments, time as well as duration spent at all workplaces in detail, etc.

What to Include in a Work Experience Statement?

  • Professional document– Work Experience Statements are professional documents and should, therefore, be created in such a way.
  • Your details– You can include your name, address, contact number. This can be stated on the right-hand side.
  • Date– After this write the date.
  • Employer’s details– On the left-hand side include the Employer’s name and full address. After this address them with “Dear.”
  • Letter format or essay form– The statement can be written in a letter format. You can start by introducing yourself, telling what you have studied and where you are working. If you want you can write this statement in an essay form.
  • Work experience– You can start off with the latest work experience. Tell about the company you are working in, your post, what work you do. The employer should know clearly about your activities. You can tell the skills needed to perform the tasks.
  • Extracurricular activities– Those extracurricular activities that match the work can be added. You can tell how these are connected to what you have studied and to your work.
  • Hobbies– If you have any hobbies that are relevant to the work, these can be added as well.

Advantages of the Work Experience Statement:

The advantages of the Work Experience Statement are:

  • Lets you tell about the work experience you have in detail.
  • Allows employers to know clearly about where you have worked and how this has advanced your skills.

Final Words:

The Work Experience Statement is an important document that should be created carefully. It can help you get a job or even admission somewhere. Use professional language and make no grammar mistakes in this statement.

Sample Work Experience Statements


An MBA graduate specializing in Project Management with an experience of 2 years in this field. My strongest areas include quality assurance, event organizing, and integration management. Working as an individual or as part of a team, I am capable of meeting deadlines, exhibiting discipline and working in harmony with co-workers. In addition, I also possess good interpersonal skills, the ability to learn fast and multitasking. I look forward to growing my experience while working with a reputable organization where I can practice my skills and exhibit my best qualities.



A fresh Commerce graduate with 1 year of experience looking for a suitable job to hone my skills and gain relevant work experience. I am enthusiastic about learning and have a keen interest in work-related training and workshops. Being hardworking, dedicated and focused, I can contribute towards the success of an organization. I am looking for an opportunity to work for reputable companies, offering my services and grasping the chance to enhance my capabilities.


A dedicated and hardworking individual with a Master’s degree in IT and work experience of 3 years. Being well aware of the challenges and demands of this ever-evolving sector, I am offering my efficient and diligent services to fulfill the requirements of the IT industry.  I aim at keeping myself up-to-date with the on-going developments in this field. Therefore, through my growing knowledge as well as sharp focus, I intend to successfully achieve my career goals.


I seek a job as a marketing manager with a bachelor’s degree in Advertising and 1 year of internship with XYZ Corporation. Among my best traits are innovative thinking, originality, creativity and fast learning. I can multitask and meet deadlines under pressure. My ultimate career goal is to work for an established advertising agency and apply my creative thinking to come up with unique marketing ideas in order to run successful advertising campaigns.

Work experience statement