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A training receipt can be used in a number of organizations and scenarios. Training is a broad term and can be used in almost every field of profession and work, like training of staff in hospitals, banks, schools, restaurants, sports etc. In short, it is a generic receipt that can be used in every field of life.

A training institute offers professional know how about a profession that you want to work in. The training is done for a specific time period with a specific set of information transferred to the trainee. The trainers who teach the people are experts in their fields.

A training receipt displays this generic information about the course

  • The name of the training institute
  • The logo of the training institute
  • The address and contact information of the training institute
  • The name and contact information of the person enrolling in the training course
  • The name of the course
  • The highlights of the topics or areas in which the training will be done
  • The charges for each training milestone
  • The name of the trainer
  • The expertise or qualification of the trainer
  • The duration of the course
  • The total amount to be paid and the mode of payment.

Sometimes in large organizations, they have their own human resource and training department and sometimes they hire a third party to train their staff. In such cases, the training receipt is very important, but the training receipt is also vital when an individual wants to polish his skills and takes the initiative to get trained.

The selection of the format of the training receipt template depends on the profession the training is done in and the fact that whether the training institute is an independent entity or a third party working for the large organization.


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Training receipt


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