Top 10 Letters for 2019

1- New Hiring Strategy Approval Letter

Hiring strategy plays the most important role in the success of an organization. The process of recruiting should be up to the mark to avoid any fallacy in the future. Effective techniques should be used to choose the right people. The regulating authorities should be communicative, friendly and open-minded. When hiring strategies in some organizations are not giving fruitful results, then they need to amend the strategy. Any regulatory authority can propose or demand changes.

The governing bodies can ask any head of department or manager to propose a new strategy. As the proposal is given, a proper meeting is done to approve it. The approval is done with the mutual consent of the regulatory authority.

The approval is sent in the form of a letter which confirms and decides about a future meeting and queries about the new hiring strategy proposal.

New hiring strategy approval letter



2- Request Letter to Change Shift Schedule

The employee scheduling system is an important factor in running smooth systems of an organization. It also helps improve the planning and coordination. A variety of layouts are now available that can help make a better shift schedule.

It is also a good communication and motivating tool for employees. It also creates a sense of justification among employees that all of those having the same ranks are working at the same time without any mismanagement. It also provides ease in calculating labor cost, paid checks, overtime pay etc.

When employees need to change their shift schedule, they have to write a formal letter to their manager. The reason can be of any kind either personal or related to work. The reason must be stated in the letter. The employee can also mention some suggestions per his requirement.

Request letter to change shift schedule


3- Disagreement Letter due to False Accusation

A person has the right to agree or disagree in a situation. Especially, in the case of false accusation, one should speak for himself.

A false accusation can occur mistakenly or willfully. Sometimes, some people do it intentionally with a view to creating trouble for the other person.

Some people do it because of personal grudges. A person finding himself in the wrong accusation should speak for himself as soon as he finds it. He should be confident and able enough to fight for himself. In the case of any allegation, one can write formally to the concerning party. He should provide all the details to show his innocence. He must state all the facts along with the proof. He can request for prompt resolution of the false allegation.

Disagreement letter due to false accusation


4- Request Letter for a Copy of Birth Certificate

National identity is compulsory to state one’s sense of belonging to his state or nation. When a child is born, his details are entered with reference to his parents or guardian. These details are then used as his identity throughout his life. Before taking admission in school, the child’s birth certificate is made.

This birth certificate is needed everywhere in school and colleges etc. At the age of 16 or 17, a national identity card is made using this birth certificate as a reference.

When people are emigrating from one country to another, these birth certificates are also used. During the admission process in schools, a lot of documentation comes into the process. Among these sometimes parents forget to provide all the required documents.

In such cases, a request letter is sent to the parents to provide the documents that are left. For verification and processing of admission, the documents are a source of verification about the child. In addition, all necessary details of a child are important in the case of any crucial circumstances.

Request Letter for a Copy of Birth Certificate


5- Speaker Invitation Cancellation Letter

Events of all kinds are having much importance since times. Formal as well as informal events require a great deal of teamwork and efforts to make them successful. All kind of formal events like conferences, seminars, fundraising events, brand launch etc. need some guests or speaker.

The guests or speaker are invited through a formal letter. The letter contains a request to the speaker to give the honor of attending or speaking at the event.

The tone of the letter needs to be polite and concerning. It happens sometimes that the speaker cancels the invitation. The reason can be any personal issue, unexpected tragedy, and sudden illness.

The speaker needs to send a letter of cancellation. The letter should contain an apology. The reason must be stated. Suggestions can be given for another speaker whom one knows.

Speaker Invitation Cancellation Letter


6- Character Reference Letter for a Parent Seeking Child Custody

The character is the main ingredient of an individual’s personality. A good character person can avail all the opportunities and benefits in life as compared to a bad character person. After graduating from schools and colleges, a character certificate is granted from the school authorities for future benefits.  Nowadays, character references are required almost everywhere. A job seeker needs it. Parents seeking child custody need it.

A character reference letter is written by someone who knows us personally. It is a kind of recommendation that showcases the personality and well-being of a person.

The person writing a reference must mention the length of time he knows the person, the skills, and abilities etc. When it comes to reference for child custody, it is important to mention the nature and habits as well.

Character Reference Letter for a Parent Seeking Child Custody


7- Apology Letter for not Attending Funeral

Death is uncertain. It can come anywhere anytime to anyone. No one in the world can hide from this reality. We can just pray for long life and safety of our beloved ones. Some death news is much shocking that it becomes hard to believe for a long time.

Sometimes a person gets a major illness and doctors lose hope, but still, they live a long life. And sometimes a minor illness leads to sudden death. Nowadays, traffic accidents are majorly causing sudden death. The rush in big cities is ruining the lives of millions of people. Sometimes, we are unable to attend the funeral of our beloved ones as well as dearest friends. There can be a variety of reasons.

If death has occurred in other country or state, traffic jam to reach on time, some other engagement not letting to go etc. At this hard time, one ought to write an apology letter for not being able to attend. The letter must state the reason for not attending as well as a condolence.

Apology Letter for Not Attending Funeral


8- Thank You Letter to School Principal

Developing the habit of gratitude brings eternal peace in one’s life. A sense of being thankful is developed firstly from the brought up given by parents. Then, it becomes the responsibility of the school to groom good habits in an individual. Good habits become a part of success and comfort in a person’s career as well as in his personal life.

Among all good habits, the habit of being thankful is the most important and is admired the most. It eliminates pessimism and brings optimism in the environment. Students should always be gracious to their teachers and principals. A good educational career brings out a diversified personality of a student.

A good and positive environment of school and colleges bring outstanding success in students individually and professionally. Outgoing students usually write thank you letter to their principal and teachers.

These letters contain the purpose of thank you. The purpose can be an appreciation of a good environment, building a strong personality, building leadership and innovative qualities etc.

Thank You Letter to School Principal


9- Apology Letter to Teacher for Misbehavior

Behavior is the way in which one conducts himself towards others. It is very important in every walk of life. Students or professionals need good behavior to cope with success. Misbehavior occurs due to a variety of reasons.

The misbehavior of a student can be due to a lack of self-confidence, seeking power or attention, looking for revenge. In addition to these traits, the classroom environment and the curriculum can be a factor. In spite of all, the environment of the home also contributes a lot to the behavior and personality of the students.

Among all kind of misbehaviors, disrespecting teachers is the most common and highly unacceptable. It creates a question mark in the teacher-student relationship. It also disturbs the environment of the classroom, the learning and speaking abilities of all the students.

When some student is found misbehaving, prompt actions should be taken from the teacher. The parents should also be informed. A collective measure should be taken to make the student realize his bad conduct.

As a result, when a student realizes his misbehavior he should apologize to his teacher. The tone should be very polite and soft. The apology should also assure for good behavior in future.

Apology Letter to Teacher for Misbehavior


10- Warning Letter for Unprofessional Behavior

unprofessional behavior warning letter