Tooth Fairy Letters

A child starts losing his teeth after reaching the age of 6 to 7 years. To induce excitement of losing the tooth in child, many parents tell the story of the fairy. The purpose of this story is to not let them feel sad for losing tooth. The parents tell their children about losing the teeth and getting the reward from the fairy in return.

The parents themselves put the reward under their child’s pillow which makes the child feel amazed and happy. If you are also one of those parents who have successfully made their child believe the story of fairy, you should go for tooth fairy letter and a gift as a reward.  

It is a very common tradition in different parts of the world that parents ask their children to write a letter to tooth fairy to come and take the lost tooth of the child along. It is a simple fun activity that gives a sense of wonder and magic to kids. In order to write an effective tooth fairy letter, you can download the tooth fairy letter template. This template can be downloaded from many websites. Choose a most appropriate template and add text and relevant details to it to make it more exciting for your child.

What should be written in the tooth fairy letter?

The main focus of the tooth fairy letter is on the lost tooth of the child. Generally, the kids write this letter to make the fairy know about the lost tooth. However, the child can also consult the fairy for other matters related to tooth too. The fairy can tell about the health and condition of the lost tooth. She can also ask the child in the letter about the ways to take care of tooth such as brushing, developing the habit of flossing and a lot more.

While writing this letter, make sure that your letter is brief and not too long. Your child is going to lose many teeth in future. He will have to write many tooth fairy letters. Therefore, don’t try to cover each and every detail of the letter in one letter.


What should be considered while designing the tooth fairy letter?

The most important thing when it comes to designing the tooth fairy letter is the appearance of the letter. While you are thinking to design this letter, take some time and decide how many efforts you are willing to put in writing and designing these letters.

It is also required by you to decide whether you want to type the letter or you want to send handwritten letter. You also need to decide whether you want your letter to be written on white simple paper or a coloured paper. You can decorate the borders of the letter by adding different types of embellishments to its design.

One of the most important things that add to the presentation of the letter is the envelope. Enclose the letter in the envelope and write address and name of your child on it.

Sample Letters


Dear Tooth Fairy,

I am (Name). I am 6 years old. I am writing to let you know that one of my teeth broke today. I will put the broken tooth under my below when I go to bed. I hope you visit me tonight and replace the broken tooth with a surprise.

Really looking forward.



Dear Tooth Fairy,

I want to thank you for the dollar bill you gave me last month for my broken tooth. I lost another tooth today. I really look forward to another visit from you.