Stenographer Resumes

A stenographer is a person who takes notes while someone is dictating, most commonly they work in courts. Their major task is to take notes accurately of all the legal court proceedings. It may seem like an easy task but it is not easy as it sounds. This task involves a lot of hard work, special skills and attention to details.

People see the stenographers in the actual courtrooms taking notes on the typewriters mostly. They record all the words spoken by any parties. In a courtroom, when an actual hearing is in progress, the people might use different words and they have a chance of forgetting what they said. Working in the courtroom is the common task of the stenographer but they also need to attend legal gatherings, conferences, and special events. A stenographer works for an individual or for a group.

A stenographer uses various techniques and tools for recordings. Capturing the words can be a hard task and especially recording the words accurately. The stenographer should be skilled to capture words and he should research new methods of transcribing it. Along with research, they should also take training to improve themselves.


Hard working stenographer with years of experience in shorthand. Experience in using and searching for new techniques to avoid any errors during taking notes. Skilled in editing, transcription, and interpretation of stenographic characters.

5 years’ experience has helped to achieve a speed of 90 words per minute without any errors. Command over the English and French languages have always come in handy. Attended various courses and training to improve the shorthand and typing speed. Focus on details has helped to reduce the chances of mistakes. Knowledge of basic law has helped to understand the technical jargon.


Excelled in creating a dictionary of technical words which can be converted and translated for understanding. After transcribing the events, the transcript is proofread for any errors and edited to ensure proper spellings of names and places and to avoid any grammatical errors.

An honest fellow who understands confidentiality and neutrality. Good knowledge of shorthand typing with a speed of 100 wpm. The best stenographer who strive to obtain higher speed with higher rates of accuracy. Expert in using MS Word, spreadsheet and other database software.


My objectives in this job were:

  • To help the attorneys and legal professionals to get the information that they need.
  • To provide subject matter expertise on the court proceedings.
  • To convert and bring the work into an understandable format.

Work Experience:

ABC Company

My roles in this job were:

  • To manage all stenography and typing tasks.
  • To receive dictation in the shorthand of correspondence, reports and other matters.
  • To perform as a typewriter to transcribe dictated notes.
  • To perform clerical and administrative duties.

XYZ Company

My roles in this job were:

  • To transcribe and write letters, memos, and reports as dictated.
  • To set up and maintain a file system.
  • To maintain records of the notes taken.
  • To proofread the notes and correct any errors.
  • To research for new methods of typing and improve the typing speed.
  • To take training to get acquainted with new methods.

Technical skills:

  • Excellent written and verbal skills.
  • Strong leadership skills.
  • Time management and organizational skills.
  • Problem-solving approach.
  • Good interpersonal skills.

Reference: To be provided on demand.

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