Service Receipt with Discussion & a Template

A service receipt is a handwritten or printed undertaking of requesting and providing services. The service providing company is a company that provides services to organizations or individuals in education, legal, maintenance, supplies, financial, etc.

What is a service receipt?

A service receipt is issued by the service providers to their customers to tell them about the cost of the services that have been rendered. This document basically serves as proof that the payment has been made by the customer.

A service receipt is an instrument that can serve the purpose of record-keeping for the service provider and the customer. This record-keeping is not just important for company inventory and financial records, but important to schedule further services if needed by a particular customer.

The service receipt should be detailed and hold the following record fields :

  • The name of the customer
  • The date when the service was provided
  • The address and phone number of the customer
  • The name of the service provider
  • The logo of the service providing company
  • The method of payment: credit, cash, cheque, etc.
  • The address and contact information of the service provider [Web & landline contact information]
  • The name and code of each service provided to the client
  • The person who provided the service
  • The charges or price of the respective services
  • The total amount of the list of services provided
  • The date and time of the next scheduled appointment for a particular service
  • The Signature of the customer
  • The signature of the service personnel
  • The comments regarding the service by both the customer and service personnel

Why it is important to use the service receipt?

In today’s world, everyone is vulnerable to many scams and fraudulent activities that make it hard for people to get away with the loss of anything, particularly the loss of money. Due to this, it is always advised to write down the details of the money you pay to someone or someone pays to you. If you are a service provider, it becomes essential for you to note down the transaction.

The use of service receipts becomes more important when the customer pays the service provider in advance. The customer can keep that receipt as proof that he has made the payment and now it is the obligation of the service provider to provide the services. When the service receipt is created at the time of the transaction, the service provider can never repudiate from providing the services.

What are the main details of a service receipt?

The main details that are added to this receipt are:

  1. Name and contact details of the company responsible for providing the services
  2. Name and contact details of the customer
  3. The method of payment
  4. Credit card name and type if the payment is made through it
  5. Cheque number if the cheque is signed to make the payment
  6. Date of transaction
  7. List of services rendered by the customer
  8. Cost of each service provided
  9. The total amount paid by the customer
  10. Signatures of the customer and the service provider

Some companies also include the terms and conditions and policies of the company upon selling the items. The customer should read them carefully before rendering services.

Service receipt Template:

A service receipt template is an online tool that can generate the receipts as many as you want. if you provide services to multiple people and want to issue the receipt to all of them, the template will get it done for you in no time.

The selection of the template for service receipts depends on the kind of services you provide and the detail required to be displayed in the receipts.

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