Retail Skills Cover Letter

Retail skills cover letter is a letter that is written by an individual or a candidate, who is applying for a vacant position in a company’s retail department. This letter is addressed to the employer of that company. In this letter, the candidate provides the information about himself, his experience and skills, so that the company can choose him as a suitable candidate for the position.

At certain times, to gain the benefit out of the retail expertise of an organization, a client company may seek to outsource the retail function. When the organization will prepare a proposal for the client company, it would add a retail skills cover letter to woo the client by stating its experience and skills in the field. However, usually, this letter is written by a candidate to its employer, instead of an organization to a client company.

The content of this letter may vary as per the experience and skills of the candidate, as well as the desired information that he wants to include. However, the general details included in retail skills cover letter are:

  • Date.
  • Candidate information.
  • Potential employer information.
  • Reference to the applied position.
  • Experience, expertise, and skills matching with that position.
  • Marketing and promotional statements that would woo the employer into accepting the candidate’s application.
  • Candidate’s appropriateness for the job.
  • Benefits the candidate can bring to the company.
  • Mention the attached documents.
  • Salutations and signature.

This cover letter is an additional measure to promote oneself and should be utilized in the best manner possible. It should be written as marketing material, with the right choice of information. The resume can state the candidate’s qualifications and achievements, but through this letter, the candidate can explain his skills and experiences to the potential employer. If the employer finds the cover letter attractive, the probability of the candidate’s selection for the job gets higher.

Sample Retail Skills Cover Letter




Dear Ms. Jennifer,

I am interested in the ‘Retail Associate’ position, which was advertised in the XYZ newspaper on 10th January 2020.

I have been in the retail field for five years. While serving as a retail assistant in one of the well-known firms, ABC Limited, I have gained immense retail knowledge as well as have developed several skills. In addition to the sales generation, I have learned how to make customers satisfied, resolve their issues and make them come back to the company as loyal customers.

I believe I can bring many skills and experience to your company. I can share the retail and sales tactics that I have learned over time. I have a friendly personality and my communication skills make me adjust to a new environment soon. In retail, working as a team is essential, which I can easily do with my team working skills.

I am sending my resume and other relevant documents along with this cover letter. Kindly, let me know if any other document is required at [X].

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Silvia Steven.

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