Reservation Receipt

Reservation means booking of a product or service ahead of time of usage. It is usually done when you want to use a service or a product in the near future and you pay some amount of the price when you make a reservation. Nowadays it is very easy as payments and reservations can be made online.

Reservation means pre-booking of the seat in the airplane or a room in an extremely busy hotel. The reservation is obtained in order to ensure that you get the reserved place on the scheduled day. When the reservation is done, the customer asks to provide the reservation receipt in which the cost of the reservation is mentioned. This receipt is also helpful for the customer since it allows him to use it as proof that he has got the reservation.

When you make a reservation and pay the required amount, the company issues a receipt to acknowledge that they received the payment for the advance booking of the product or service you require. The remaining amount is paid when you receive the product or service.

Who uses the reservation receipt?

The use of reservation receipt saves the customer from a lot of hassle that he may have to contend with in future. Primarily, the transport agencies make use of reservation receipts when the customers ask for the seat reservation in the plane, train or in a bus.

The receipt that the organization issues as an affirmation of payment made for reservation are called the reservation receipt. Although this receipt can be used by almost any genre of business, it is usually used in Hotels, Airlines, Travel agencies, tours and trips, boutiques and event management companies.

Importance of reservation receipt:

Whenever the reservation is done, the need for issuing the reservation receipt arises. In other words, the reservation receipt should be issued to the customer as soon as he pays for the reservation. The receipt is used by the customer and he can claim for the seat while traveling by showing this receipt. This receipt gives him a right to claim for the seat that was reserved for him.

The reservation receipt is also very important for the travel agency. With the help of this receipt, the travel agency can keep track of total seats and the number of seats that have been reserved. In this way, the travel agency saves itself from overbooking or under booking of the seats.

The risk of assigning one seat to multiple people is also ruled out when you have a reservation receipt to use. These receipts are issued to the customers to let them know how much they have to pay for the pre-booking of the seat. There is little or no chance of confusion when every detail is mentioned in written form and handed into the customer.

The reservation receipt helps the companies to know their schedules and estimated business and client turnover. It helps the clients to plan their schedule and traveling time table. The information the receipts holds is as follows:

  • The name of the company
  • The logo of the company
  • The contact information of the company
  • The name of the client
  • The contact information of the client
  • The date the reservation was made
  • The receipt id
  • The reason or services for which the reservation is made
  • The price for each service separately
  • The total price to be paid
  • The date for which the reservation is made
  • The time period for which the reservation is made
  • The mode of payment
  • The signature of the person who issued the receipt

There are different templates available for reservation receipt. You can choose according to your business needs.

Reservation receipt template:

The reservation receipt template is easy to download and use. It includes all the details needed to document the reservation and its cost. All you need to do is download the template and edit it according to what you want to add.

Preview and details of the template

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