Recommendation Letter for Employee from Manager

What is a recommendation letter?

An employee recommendation letter is an appreciation or reference letter drafted by the employer when the employment period of any employee is over. It is a formal document that demonstrates the desirable skills and work habits of the candidate to a potential employer. Recommendation letter from former employers is considered significant as they clearly describe the complete profile of a former employee in his professional career. These letters can be prepared by the employer as a good gesture, or they can be prepared at the request of an employee.

A potential employer can ask candidates for a recommendation letter at any point in the hiring process. These letters can be submitted to the related authorities during the submission of other documents. Former teachers, employers, mentors, or other colleagues could provide a letter of recommendation.


Recommendation letters are very significant as they are the deciding factors for the employment of an employee in a new business or project. Some of the important aspects of the recommendation letter are provided below,

  • They set up the environment for being a strong candidate.
  • Many time applicants are selected based on the review of their recommendation letter.
  • Appreciation letter from a former employer is more worthy than the personal interview of the applicant.


The contents of the recommendation letter may change but it revolves around the performance of the employee. Contents of the recommendation letter are mentioned below,

  1. Letters provide detailed information of an employee by the employer. It majorly includes how long has the employer known employee.
  2. It also provides a background of the employer to ensure that he is a credible and responsible person for drafting a recommendation letter.
  3. It includes all the work-related contributions of the employee in the business during the employment period of the employee. Qualification and team efforts are significantly discussed to generate a credible profile of the employee.
  4. Use of “strongly recommend” and other adjectives to make sure that a positive image of employee is created in the minds of the reader.
  5.  Provide contact number, designation, salutation, and other necessary information of the employer so that anyone can contact for further inquiry about the employee.
  6. Signatures and email information of employer is usually provided to cross check the information provided but them.


Before writing a recommendation letter, make sure that you take care of a few points to ensure a good recommendation letter. These points are mentioned below,

  • Make sure that you only agree to write a recommendation letter if it will be a positive letter. If you are not able to provide a positive recommendation letter, then politely decline the offer of client.  It is better to not write a letter if it is not a strong endorsement for employees’ candidacy.
  • If the employment period of employee has been completed long time ago then ask the employee to send their resume so that you can provide all the details of working experience and include the contributions of the employee during their time of employment.
  • Moreover, social media profile such as LinkedIn can be visited to know more about their knowledge and related work experience.
  • Do not mention projects that specify or highlight the mistakes and weaknesses of employee.


Tips while writing a recommendation letter are mentioned below,

  • Know the complete job description of the former employee while they were on your payroll. It is important to mention how the employee will be a best fit for all the responsibilities. It should produce a positive impact on the reader.
  • Mention skills pertaining to the applied job to show that applicant is suitable for the job.
  • Make sure to discuss all the terms and working experience with employee so that all the related tasks and contributions of the employee are mentioned in the letter.
  • Mention specific projects and working of the employee to boast certain skills.
  • Quantification of the success by providing a number of achieved projects can hype up a recommendation letter.
  • Provide opinion on the employee being the best candidate for the required job.
  • Use quotes like “hire without any reservation” to make the letter look for strong and powerful.
  • Confirm all the points pertaining to the due date for submission of recommendation letter.

Recommendation letter for employee from manager

Re. Recommendation letter for the Recruitment of [NAME] for the Vacant Position of [DESIGNATION]

Dear [NAME],

I am [NAME] from [COMPANY]. First, I am thankful to you for considering me while collecting recommendations for the fulfillment of the vacant position of [POSITION]. In this letter, I intend to give a brief introduction to the one who is highly recommended by me.

Mr./Ms. [NAME] is one of the fittest for the position of [POSITION]. [NAME] is graduated from the [UNIVERSITY/SCHOOL], [CITY/STATE]. He did his master’s from [UNIVERSITY] and has been doing [ADDITIONAL DEGREE/DIPLOMA] as well. On account of having strong communication skills and command of Human Resource Management, he was hired by our company as a communication expert in 20XX. Later, he was promoted as a coordinator in the organizational training wing where he serves as a communicator, trainer, and supervisor of the telecommunications department.

He is friendly and professional both at the same time. He has been working here for [X] years and he has become one of the most important employees of the company. Due to the shutdown of telecommunications, [NAME] had to be referred to another company and log off from here. Since he is one of the perfect fits for the vacancy, I highly recommend you recruit [NAME]. He is committed, professional, and competent.

He has [X] years of experience in the field of communication management. Hence, your job requires the same, I would suggest you call [NAME] and schedule a formal interview to comply with the procedural methods and ascertain the appropriateness of the candidature of Mr. [NAME].

Being a General Manager, I was able to observe him closely. For more, you are welcome to contact me anytime from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM for further discussion. If you have any queries about the candidate’s profile, you can contact him at [PHONE]. His email address is [EMAIL] and his contact number is [PHONE]. Thank you.

Recommendation Letter for Employee from Manager

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