Photo ID Card/Badges

Almost every size and type of organization nowadays uses photo ID badges. The ID badge enables an organization to identify everyone who enters or leaves its premises in a positive manner. The use of ID badges in the company gives an impression to other people that the organization is much concerned about the security.

What is photo ID badge?

A photo Id badge is a simple tool of identification process which enables an organization to identify its workers with the help of photo printed on their ID badge. Many organizations also use a magnetic chip along with the photo on the ID badge which a modern and more efficient way to identify the people.

The photo ID badge is a rectangular shape card that includes the details of the cardholder such as name, date of birth, designation in the organization, phone number etc.

This card is like a credit card in terms of shape and size. However, it contains plenty of space where the information of the cardholder can be printed. The ID card is a very important thing for a cardholder as there is nothing other than this which he can carry along to prove his identity.

Employee id card template


Format and style of photo ID badge:

The photo ID cards are used by medical staff, corporate staff, business persons, security staff and people from different walk of life. The educational institutes also use photo ID badges for students and staff.

Every organization has its own theme and format to be followed in the card. However, the basic details about the card holder are similar to every photo ID card. These cards not only identify people but also tell which organization they belong to.

The photo ID badge can either be made in landscape format or in portrait mode. Which mode you want to choose completely depends on your likes and needs.

The landscape mode can accommodate more details. Some organizations also print information on both sides of the card. However, the cards which are required to be worn by the card holder contain the information on one side only.

Photo ID card sizes:

The ID cards are used in different organisations for maintaining security and integrity of the company. There is no specific design or style of the ID card which is required to be followed by every organisation. The size of ID cards also depends on the purpose for which they are going to be used. Every type of ID card has its own function and usability.

There are different attributes that are required to be considered while deciding the size of the card. It is important to know the sizes of the ID cards because your printer may not be able to print the card of every size.

You will have to choose the size that your printer can easily print. The specifications of printer should also be known so that an appropriate sized ID card can be chosen for printer.

Thickness of photo ID card:

Commonly, the thickness of photo ID badges is 30 millimeter. If you don’t like the thick ID cards you can decrease the thickness up to 10mm. Although thin ID badges look more attractive, they are not much reliable. However, if you want to get a flexible ID badge, you can go for a thin card.

It should be kept in mind that those companies use considerably thin cards where they are needed to be used temporarily since they are not much reliable.

Standard size of the ID badge:

CR80 size is known the standard size in which most of the ID cards are prepared. These sizes are used in many industries where photo ID cards are used for identification purpose. Some of the common purposes of using CR80 size are access control, attendance tracking, cashless payment and a lot more.

Many magnetic strip cards, smart cards etc. use the standard size of CR80. This is the size which most of the printers support.  Many companies prefer using this size because every printer easily supports them.

There is no compulsion to use any type or specific size of card since it totally depends on your needs. The size of card can be extended according to the needs of user.