Operations Manager Resume

An operations manager has a very versatile job role to perform in an organization. An operations manager is a person who must be very open-minded as he is performing various roles at one time. Other jobs train the individuals to focus on one specific area but the operations manager has his eyes on everything. It is said that an operations manager is wearing a hat that he will change every now and then and has different roles so he is switching between those roles simultaneously.

The main duties of an operations manager are to look after the workflows, inventory management, supply chain and a lot more things that appear on a regular basis. It might not be the duty of an operations manager but he must look over the accounts departments as well. An operations manager is a bridge between all the departments so his communication and delegation skills are his key qualities. The operations manager needs to oversee the employees working in all departments.

As the operations manager must be responsible for various aspects, he needs to have a much-diversified skill set. Along with the skill set, s/he should possess leadership qualities as well. Only a charismatic leader can run and lead a successful team.

Most of the companies want to hire operation managers who have a bachelor’s degree in business administration, accounting or management. Such degrees train the people to formulate statistical and mathematical models. Most of the managers are expected to excel in communication skills as they should build collaborative relationships with clients and intra-company departments.

Sample Resume


A dedicated operations manager who has the leadership qualities to motivate a team of individuals to achieve financial goals. Assertive and enthusiastic with extensive knowledge of proven methods, process optimization, and work morals. Five years of experience in the capacity of an operations manager has helped me gain the necessary skills which will help attain the targets set by the company.



My objectives are:

  • To manage resource allocation and perform strategic planning when needed.
  • To perform financial analysis to support organizational growth.
  • Using my financial knowledge, utilizing the resources at their best by acquiring new clients.

Work Experience:

I have worked as an ‘operations manager’ in XYZ from January 1st, 2013 till date.

My key roles in this job are/were:

  • To formulating financial policies across the departments.
  • To setting up guidelines and communication modes between various departments.
  • To help, plan and coordinate activities between sales, planning and marketing departments.
  • To overlook the payroll, employee’s training & performance, allocation of funds to provide benefits to employees. 
  • To collaborate and effectively communicate with other managerial individuals.

Technical skills:

  • Identify the best people for the tasks.
  • Evaluation skills to assess the performance of every individual.
  • Analyzing information for present and future forecasting.
  • Cost-benefit analysis of various options.
  • Analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of various options to select the best one.

Core Competencies:

  • Understanding customer needs
  • Effective communicator
  • Understanding the organization’s financial needs and performs accordingly
  • Motivates the team
  • Tracks team performance regularly
  • Creates a healthy learning environment
  • Formulates and enforces company standards


Will be furnished on demand.

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