Office Manager Resumes

Every business or company runs because of the people who put constant efforts to make it work. An office manager is a person who makes sure that the support staff works efficiently so that the company runs smoothly. An office manager organizes, plans and oversees a large pool of administrative staff working in the company.

Office managers make sure that the operations of a company run successfully and smoothly. They might be the ones to order office supplies and look after the work of the administrative staff. The office manager also maintains relationships and contact with the vendors and third parties.

An office manager can have any level of education. A degree in operations management can be helpful but even a degree in social sciences and communications can be useful. The experience of an office manager is more important than the study. A deep understanding of how businesses operate is very important.

Sample Resume


Energetic and organized office manager with an experience of over eight years. Worked with a variety of people with different skills from diverse backgrounds. Strong organization, communication, and relationship-building skills.

Experience in office management, bookkeeping, taking notes and diary management. Long track record of achieving long term departmental goals. Capable of handling complex situations and multiple tasks at one time. Versatile and flexible personality has helped to take up any role and perform well. A result-oriented individual with the ability to make decisions and prioritize the resources to achieve the goals.



My objectives in this role are/were:

  • To collaborate with customers, vendors, and staff.
  • To motivate, discipline and resolve staff conflicts on a regular basis.
  • To find any inefficiencies in the procedures and rectify them.
  • To ensure the company operations run effectively.

Work Experience:

Office Manager at ABC Company

  • To oversee the smooth running of the office and the administrative systems.
  • To establish and enforce office policies and procedures.
  • To work with the management team on ad hoc tasks.
  • To prepare financial and non-financial reports for senior management.
  • To carry out staff appraisals and managing performances.
  • To manage all business inquiries by phone or emails.
  • To review staffing levels to ensure operational needs are met.
  • To assist and prepare the expenses to report for senior management.
  • To order and maintain relevant office supplies.
  • To produce presentations on office performance and achievable.
  • To provide supervision and instructions to co-workers and subordinates.

Office Manager at XYZ Company

  • To schedule meetings and appointments.
  • To maintain the office conditions and to arrange any necessary repairs.
  • To partner with HR to update and maintain office policies.
  • To organize office procedures and operations.
  • To plan in the house or out of office official meetings and gatherings.
  • To liaise with the facility management team or vendors such as the cleaning staff.

Technical Skills:

  • Providing training.
  • Proofreading of documents.
  • Ability to resolve administrative issues.
  • To develop new and effective office procedures.
  • Knowledge of office administrator responsibilities and procedures.
  • Hands-on experience of office machines.
  • Excellent time management skills.


To be provided on demand.

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