Nursery School Director Resume

Nursery school directors may be or may not be very qualified. As they have to run a nursery and not a college. But some nurseries might prefer candidates with at least a master’s degree. Certifications in education and school management will be enough for this job. An individual with education in child psychology or childhood education can be very helpful.

A nursery school director is the one who is responsible for the success of the nursery. They have to hire and interview teachers for the school. They consult the teachers before deciding the curriculum for the nursery academic year. They will also overlook the enrollment procedure and day-to-day management of the nursery. A nursery school director has to be master of all trades as this person needs to look after a lot of tasks during the day.

A school director needs to have very strong communication skills as they will be communicating with the nursery teachers every day. In certain situations, they will need to speak to the parents as well.

Experience is the most crucial factor for a nursery director. They should be acquainted in making teacher-student policies. A nursery director has to be a good leader as well and have a knowledge of financial management. They are the ones who have to add a vision to the nursery.

Sample Resume


Nursery school director with an experience of ten years. Excellent communication skills which helped to discuss the progress of students with teachers and parents. Developed academic curriculum before the start of the year by consulting senior teachers.


Responsible for hiring new teachers and providing them with training. Ensured that the nursery and the teachers maintain and comply with the state laws. Business skills and financial knowledge helped to draft the nursery fee. Resolved any conflicts between the teachers and the students. Reviewed the progress of students on a regular basis. Introduced new and creative policies and processes to keep the students attracted and interested in the study.


My objectives in this role were:

  • To ensure compliance with state laws and regulations.
  • To hire new staff and train them.
  • To overlook the student enrollment procedure.

Work Experience:

ABC Nursery

My roles in this job are/were:

  • To create the policies for the nursery daily operations.
  • To manage the staff including the teachers and the clerical staff.
  • To attend meetings with the nursery directors and parents.
  • To develop the curriculum and consult the teachers.
  • To ensure that the nursery meets the government laws and policies.
  • To teach classes if any teacher is one a leave.
  • To determine the budgets and drafting the admission policies.
  • To hire and train new staff members.
  • To provide training opportunities for the staff.
  • To develop educational plans and met the educational standards.
  • To assist the staff in effectively communicating with the parents.
  • To discuss student progress with the teachers and parents.
  • To arrange the budget and to decide for the yearly fee.
  • To maintain the nursery according to the state laws.


  • Leadership skills.
  • Organizational skills.
  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Business skills and management.
  • Communication skills.


To be provided on demand.

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