Music Performance Invoice

A music performance invoice is a type of receipt that works as a two-way communication between the artist/musician or band and the management, arranging the music performance. This receipt proves to be very helpful as it contains all of the relevant and required information about the concert, including the date, time, venue and price or money that was agreed upon earlier. It can either be issued before or after the event.

Why music performance invoice?

Arranging a music performance or the concert is a very long, hectic and tiring work. Just one wrong move can ruin everything. To avoid this mess, complete, efficient and accurate paperwork is done by the management. In this paperwork, the invoice plays a vital role as it works as the contract deed between that management and the artist. The invoice carries the date, venue, time duration, and the rate decided by both the parties. This tool is kept by both of them so that misunderstanding can be avoided or chances of problems can be minimized.


The standard format of this invoice is to start it with the name, address and other contact details of the managing company like its contact number. This all should come on the left top corner, while on the right top should be the date, invoice number and the description of exactly what this invoice is about.

On the right-hand side, the details of the person to whom this invoice is addressed to should follow, the details may include, name, company’s name, address, and contact number. After this header, a table should be drafted comprising of four columns. The first column will have the description of the event like what is it and by whom it will be performed. The second column should contain the hours or the time duration in which the performance will last. The third column should be dedicated to the rate and the fourth one for the total amount to be paid. At the end of the table, the total amount should be mentioned and any taxes or other expenses should be added. A grand total should follow in the end.

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Music Performance Invoice


Music Performance Invoice Template

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