Medical Certificate Sample for Schools

You must have heard about this official record many times in your life because there is not a single person on earth who is not aware of a medical certificate. Even a child of first grade knows about it because he must have given it to its teacher or have seen any other person using it. The medical certificate is the document required by the organization or institute you are linked with, in the case of your absence. This official and the formal document is the note sign by the doctor of a person where he mentions that you are under his consult and are suffering from a certain health issue.

As a parent, you must understand the need of this note because most people consider it unnecessary to collect this document or to ask the doctor to prepare one at the right time.

Why is the medical certificate important?

Well, the simplest answer to this question is that it is a proof that you are absent for a reason. If you are absent then no one will consider the informal declaration true and you have to submit the document.

Moreover, in some organizations, you are not allowed to start with your daily work without submitting the note.

What contents and layout does the form have?

The statement, by the doctor, is sometimes made with hand and sometimes they type. The certificate is typed on the letterhead which has a logo of the company that says the name, address, contact number and so sometimes the email address


The name of the doctor is the compulsory thing on the certificate and then the sign of the doctor is the other proof of the certificate. Medical certificates don’t have any expiry date they just mention the date of issue and can only be used on the dates of leave mentioned in the certificate.

Usually, the hospital takes a copy of the issued certificate with them so that they can use it as a proof the time of the need and in the case of lost, another copy could easily be issued.

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