Letter of Closure of Business Operation during Lockdown

The world has shifted to a completely new normal after the pandemic has hit. Coronavirus is highly contagious and due to this, governments across the world are compelled to impose a lockdown. The purpose of the lockdown is to prevent people from becoming the cause of spreading the virus. 

When businesses are closed due to lockdown, they inform their clients and customers about it so that they don’t waste their time by visiting the closed stores. For this purpose, write letters and emails and inform them about the closure. 

It goes without saying; it is sad news for the buyers of the business. However, they should be informed so that they don’t face inconvenience. 

How should the customers be informed?

It is the job of the representative of the business to decide how they should choose to inform their customers. However, whichever tone they choose, it should be positive. 

The letter should spread positivity:

The pandemic has already spread so much anxiety and depression and the business should not increase it. Therefore, even if it is a remorseful moment to announce that the business will no longer be operating, the business should try to ensure that it does not disappoint people. 

This business should not discuss its sufferings in this letter as it will make people feel more depressed. 

Give the reason:

Give the reason for business closure as there are many reasons you might think of closure and people want to know what specifically compelled you not to operate your business. When you mention the reason, you can do point-scoring. Discuss it with the customers that you have decided to close the business because you want to contribute to curtailing the spread of the disease. This way, you will be able to enhance your customer base. 

Discuss the details of the closure:

The reader will have many questions in his mind after he has come to know about the closure. So, let the reader know that the closure is temporary, and it is due to the lockdown. If you have been given a date from which you can restart the operation, mention that date also. Make sure that you are clear and sensibly writing this kind of information letter.

Stress on alternate methods:

This is the era of technology and there is no such business that is not providing its products and services virtually. Therefore, if you are also shifting to online functioning, let the people know about it. Tell the people that they are welcome to visit the website of your company and continue their shopping. 

Close the letter on a positive note:

In the end, close the letter with a positive note. Express your hopes and wishes that the world will come out of this unwanted situation soon. 

Read the sample letter below to get information about writing the letter to convey the news of closing due to lockdown. 

Sample letter:


Dear valued customers, 

We are feeling so regretful to announce that our company (mention the name) is going to be closed temporarily considering prevailing conditions. Since we all are aware of the seriousness of the matter, we don’t want to add stress to this situation, and we want to let you know that we are dealing with these circumstances with valor and patience. 

To make sure that we take all the necessary steps and remain responsible in these testing times, all our stores across the country will remain closed. Furthermore, the company has postponed all the planned events. 

Since the situation is so unpredictable, any changes to our plans will be communicated to you. We are closely monitoring the situation and waiting for things to revert to normalcy so that we can start operating again by following all SOPs. 

We want to let you know that our online store will be working during this time. If you want to place an order, you can easily visit our website. In case you have any queries, feel free to contact us. Our customer representatives are always here to guide you 

We hope that we will be out of this unprecedented situation and get rid of this deadly disease as soon as possible.

Letter of Closure of Business Operation during Lockdown

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