How to Present Your Resignation in a Professional Way

There are different ways to present your resignation. Knowing the professional way is important if you want to put a positive impression on the mind of your employer.

Appropriate etiquettes are required to be followed while resigning from the job. The way you resign from the job has a very long-lasting impact on your employer. You may need the positive reference to your previous employer to get the new job.

Because of this, maintaining a positive and a professional relationship with your former employer and colleagues is very important.

While presenting your resignation letter in a professional way, make sure that you have a positive and good reason to leave the job.

Ensure that you have good reason to quit:

Your resignation letter should give the realization to the employer that resigning from the job is the right choice for you.

Hating your job is not a good reason to leave. Some of the possible good reasons for leaving the job can be illness, difficult working schedule and environment, relocation, change in career and a lot more.

Always stick to the reason for leaving no matter what you want to say on company’s policy. Criticizing the company is not recommended at all however if you want to do, do it in a constructive way. You can tell your employer about the negative aspects of the company which are creating problems for other employees.

Tell your employer in advance:

The best way to resign from the job is to write a resignation letter ahead of time and then submit it to the employer. Saying goodbye to employer and colleagues is an important part of leaving the job.

One of the most important and positive attitudes for leaving the job is to tell your employer about your decision of leaving the job beforehand especially when you have a positive relationship with your employer. Make sure that you resign from the job with grace.

It is not a recommended approach to put a resignation on boss’s table. He should be aware of your decision of leaving before you submit your resignation. You should be brave and talk to your employer about it.

Be positive before resigning:

While you are announcing your decision of leaving, show your positive behavior towards the company. Tell the other co-workers that how the company has been beneficial for you. There is no point of becoming negative about the company even though you have decided to move on for any reason. If you want to leave, leave on good terms.

Talk to employer in person:

Talking to employer before leaving simplifies the process of resigning from the job in a professional way. It is important to have a positive conversation with your employer because you may need him in future for reference. Offer him help in the process of transition.

Your boss may ask you to not quit the job by offering more salary and benefits. Be prepared for it and know your worth.


Resignation in a professional way


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