Generic Business Sales Invoice

Business Sales Invoice

Business sale invoice is a template that is used for the products that are sold and it includes all the details about the products, quantity and the total amount of payment. This invoice template is prepared by different professionals dealing in different businesses related to product sales for billing and payment purposes. There are different templates available for this invoice but for any businesses involved in sales of products, a basic template having basic fields in it can be used.

This basic format can be obtained online for free from some website and can be edited and modified for your customized purposes. The colors and styles of a Business sales invoice can be customized for giving it a more elegant and professional look. Since this invoice is used only where the sale of products is involved, so once the products are sold to a customer or company, this sample invoice is sent for receiving payment against the products sold.

About Template

Business sales invoice includes a detailed description of sold items, mentioning its specifications, quantity, rate, and total amount. If any taxes are applicable like sales tax, this is also mentioned in this invoice. Apart from this information and details related to products, complete name, address and contact details of sender and receiver are also mentioned on the invoice. The address of the sender should be the one that is to be used for official correspondence and for receipt of payment. This invoice also includes the date of invoice and a proper invoice number to give this invoice a more professional look.

Preview and Details of Template

Generic Business Sales Invoice Template



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Book Purchase Invoice for MS Excel


Book Purchase Invoice Template

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