General Remittance Template

What is Remittance?

The process by which money is sent to someone for the removal of an obligation is called a remittance. The remittance money is usually sent by using an electronic medium or networks like the wire transfer or mail. The money sent through this process is also called remittance. An example can include that if a person is obligated to pay some taxes than the check sent by him or her to the government to pay off those tax bills is called remittance. Similarly, if you are sending some money to a family member or friend through wire transfer in another country then that sum of money is also called remittance.

According to basic financial principles, these are two different types of remittances. One is called the inward remittance and the other is the outward remittance. Any money that is received from an outside source is called outward while the inward remittance is received from the outside to inside.

Remittance Template

Because this is financial method many organizations and people find it hard to draft a remittance form or letter. For this purpose, you can make use of this template. This is an important document that can be downloaded from the internet and guide you properly for the creation of this documents.

The sample template is very simple and makes your life convenient. It also shows you the right way to draft the document so that the chances of error in the money transfer is reduced or totally nullified.

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remittance template


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