Financial Controller Resume

The main job role of the financial controller is to perform the financial reporting which is provided by various companies and organizations. They have the potential of reviewing the earning and expenses of the company and summarizing the financial health of the company by following the guidelines provided by the company.

It is important to mention and highlight the skills acquired by the applicant to get this job since the post of financial controller requires a skilled person with proper insight and knowledge. They are maintaining the integrity of the whole system by monitoring the financial regime of the firm. 

The experience and core competencies are also very important to be mentioned in the resume to make it a professionally strong document for the applicant.

 A recruiter receives some resumes for a specific job post, for this purpose, it is needed that you prepare a resume that can stand out. Here is a sample resume of the financial controller post.

Sample Resume


Exceptionally hardworking finance expert with complete expertise in the accounting management system Goal-oriented and motivator who can work in the high-pressure environment. Exceptionally skilled in finance, sales and accounts management. Expert negotiator and talented enough to reorganize the companies.


My objectives are:

  • To work as a financial controller in a well-established corporation.
  • To boost the financial and accounting system of the company where I work.
  • To maximize the performance of the finance department as a whole.
  • To utilize the experience in developing and practically implementing the financial strategies in the firm

Technical skills:

  • Possesses strength in using MS Excel, MS Word, NDS, Quip ware, DIS and related software.

Work experience:

I have worked as a professional accountant in various organization. I am a hardworking individual and have never given away any opportunity to learn from skilled professionals. During my career, I have met great individuals like Mr. XYZ who has inspired me to learn and master in my field. The key strengths that I have learned during these years are:

  • Issuing the financial statements for the lenders in time
  • Coordinating with annual reports for the creditors
  • Providing the analysis of the finance for conducting contract negotiations and pricing
  • Ensuring that the transactions are being carried out on time
  • Reviewing and analyzing the financial statements
  • Managing multiple sales taxes and coordinating
  • Developing income and expense report through proper channels
  • Performing cash management
  • Performing the forecast for revenue and other factors that can contribute to the success of the firm
  • Reviewing the financial programs and undertaking some new projects
  • Preparing the income tax filing reports and monitoring the entries that are made in monthly journals of the firm¬†

Core competencies:

  • Adept at handling process management related tasks
  • Skilled in thinking logically and critically
  • Excellent in written and oral communication
  • Able to show diligence in performing all the tasks that are assigned
  • Capable enough to forecast the cash flow processes in the company
  • Efficient in working for the process improvement and profit and loss
  • Proficient in dealing with budget planning and financial planning
  • Well-versed with the skills of problem-solving
  • Skilled in preparation of financial statements


Reference will be furnished at the time of interview.


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