Event Reminder Emails


Sir, it is requested that you kindly update me with your current business schedule. Yesterday, you booked the ticket for the Great Hall Event Show. I want to remind you that the event is due tomorrow and your appearance is highly marked. The event highlights the importance of current speculation going into the country. It is to remind you that kindly attend the event, the event is due tomorrow. A very neat and formal dressing is mandatory and you can bring your colleague or friend with you. They will also grace the event with their presence. Waiting to see you soon.    


Sir, it is to inform you that we have booked your tickets for the event on your request. The event is subjected to tomorrow at 9 am sharp. It is to remind you that this event is arranged only to spread awareness among the people. It is therefore requested you to kindly attend the event as it helps you a lot in the nearby future. The spokesperson is a highly notable personality and you will be cherished upon the hearing. It is allowed to bring friends and colleagues with you. Your dressing should be proper and ethical, I hope you will enjoy this event. Thanks.    


Sir it is requested you to kindly inform me of your tomorrows’ schedule. There will be an event due tomorrow as last week we have reserved the tickets for your insistence. The event is regarded as epidemics that are spreading in the country. Being a doctor, you requested us to book your ticket for the event. It is to remind you that the event will hold on tomorrow, it is therefore requested to kindly attend the event. Your presence will be marked and is highly important for the event. Your kind gesture can save many lives. Hope to see you soon.     


Mam, it is bringing into your notice that the event on youth empowerment is going to behold tomorrow. You are subjected to deliver a speech there and caters to the question of people. The rising youth is highly important for country development as they are the leading ones. It is to remind you that the event is highly important and your presence is highly appreciated. The timing of tomorrow’s event is 9 am to 11 am. You can bring your friends and colleagues with you, it will be an honor for us. Be prepared for the event as everyone is eager to listen to you. Thanks. 


Sir, It is bringing in your knowledge that there is an event subjected to hold tomorrow. Your PA called us last week and booked your tickets. It is to remind you that kindly attend the event as it is highly important. The event is to highlight the importance and significance of the Rehabilitation Center. Many people are addicted to drugs. So, the purpose of this event is to highlight the services of these centers. Kindly attend the event as it enhances your current knowledge. The timing of tomorrow`s event is from 1 pm to 4 pm. A formal dress code is followed and is mandatory. We are enthusiastic to see you soon. Thanks.      

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