Employment Record Sheet

It is the responsibility of HR department to keep the record of every employee working in the company. There is no specific format for the employee record sheet to be followed. The format varies from company to company. The HR also has the responsibility to keep the record of the salary which is given each month to each employee. The record of the employee is very important to keep because it saves any conflicts of future.

It is important to keep the record of the number of hours and days the employee of the company has worked and how much he/she is being paid. This record will help you to keep the record of the employee for a long time and you will be able to give this record along with payslip to the employee in the form of hardcopy so that he can know that you are paying him fairly.

The record keeping is not only useful for the employee, but it also ensures you that you are paying your employees correctly. The costs which you will have to face in future will also be forecasted with the help of record sheet of the employee.

An employment record sheet includes the start and end date of the contract which you have signed with the employee, the agreement and the details covered by it such as an award, workplace agreement etc. The details of the overtime hours of working of the employee along with penalties and loadings are also included in this sheet. If the employee has taken annual, monthly or yearly leave, mention it in the sheet.

There are also some other details without which the employment record sheet cannot be completed. A little cooperation of the employee is also needed when you have to design the sheet. The employee is required to give his all contact details, the contact details where the employee can be contacted in case of any emergency, bank account details etc. When all these details are provided by the employee, it becomes easier for the company to keep his record in its database.

Usually, every employee of the company has a personal file in which all the details of the employee are kept. The file contains the confidential documents and usually, it is the responsibility of the human resource manager to keep that file updated. The employment application submitted by the employee while applying for the job, the documented history of the employee, the handbook of an employee, performance development form, job evaluation form of employee, attendance evidence, personal contact information and some other details are also added in the personal file.

The salary record is the most important form of record in the sheet. It is a very complicated record which requires special care and attention. It includes the name of the employee, a date on which the salary is paid, the basic salary of the employee, hourly rates, per day salary if the employee is paid on daily basis, the allowance paid to salary and other records are also kept in employment record sheet.

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