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Electrician Services & Billing

An electrician is a person who handles electric work, be it in a house or office or any other building. A professional electrician or electric company presents the client with an invoice or bill generally called the electrician receipt.

Designing or selecting a receipt depends upon the size of your business and the services you provide. Also the fact that whether you present a printed receipt or a soft copy plays a major role in selecting the template for the receipt.

When an electrician is hired for any kind of work, be it repair work or work at a newly constructed site, he may use the help of other helpers and the cost of these helpers is added in the receipt as labor charges.

About Receipt

The materials used or purchased for the job are written in detail on the receipt along with their manufacturer and supplier information and price per unit. To calculate the total sum of the money to be paid for the job, the number of hours put in is multiplied by the charges per hour and then is added to the extra labor charges to get the service charges. The price of per unit of each of the material purchased is multiplied by the quantity of the material purchased; all the sums are added to get the complete total amount of the material purchased.

The grand total is the sum of services charges and material price. If the amount is paid by cash or credit, it is also mentioned in the receipt.


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Electrician receipt


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