Deposit Slips

What is a Deposit Slip?

A deposit slip is a piece of paper which is provided by the bank to its customers to provide the information pertaining to the addition of money in his account. The deposit slips are being used these days, however, the use is quite uncommon because of new automated teller machines. A deposit slip is a form type document which is supplied by the bank to the depositor. The depositor fills that form and submits it to the bank. These slips include the description of items to be deposited such as their type, category etc. The main purpose of deposit slip is to verify that the amount of money specified on the slip has been paid by the depositor. It is a type of proof of money deposited by the depositor. The deposit slip protects the depositor financially. The slip is then processed by the cashier or the clerk of the bank to verify the deposit.

When any person wants to deposit the money in the bank, the cashier of the bank provides the slip to that person to fill it. These slips are also present at the back of the cheque books.

Why use deposit slip?

The purpose behind using the deposit slip is to provide the financial protection to both depositor and the bank. Banks use these slips to keep the record of all the money which is deposited on it throughout out the day. Bank also ensures that no bank deposits have been unaccounted because of the use of a deposit slip.

Proof of Payment?

A deposit slip also serves as a proof of payment that has been paid by him and he also checks if the bank has correctly added the deposited money to the pre-deposited money by the same person. The person can then check his balance to ensure that the deposited money has been added to his account. If the customer finds that the money paid by him has not been correctly added to his account, he can take the deposit slip with him to the bank as a proof or deposit the money.

Nowadays, the use of deposit slips has become obsolete. The invention of ATM cards has provided the ease to the public and they prefer using ATM card over deposit slips. The ATM cards are now used as a deposit slip and the only difference in the use of ATM card and the slip is that there is no bank involved in the transaction.


The deposit slips ask the depositor to provide the date of depositing money, the name of the depositor and the account holder, the account number and some other details related to the depositing. The person can deposit the money in the form of cash, checks, and coins or also in the form of items such as gold jewelry etc. The user of the form is also asked to write the note on the deposit slip If part of the money from the deposited one is expected back.


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