Delivery Receipt

Delivery of products is done when either the buyer or seller is not in the same place, or the quantity and weight of goods need separate delivery service to be provided.

Nowadays online sale is very common and using online ordering you can get products from around the world delivered at your doorstep. In such cases, a detailed delivery receipt is very important.

A delivery receipt is an instrument which is used to validate the receiving end of the sales process. A delivery receipt is signed by the person who receives the goods ensuring that the goods were delivered to the right address in the given time. Three copies of this receipt are made; one for the person receiving the goods, second for the person sending the goods and third for the person delivering the goods.

What is a delivery receipt?

A delivery receipt is a formal document that acts as evidence that the items mentioned on the receipts have been delivered to its destination successfully. The businesses transporting their products over a long distance use the delivery report in order to make sure that the goods have been received by the customer who has actually paid the bill. The shipping company will require the delivery receipt to report the seller about the status of the goods.

The customer signs the delivery receipt upon receiving the goods. A copy of the receipt is also kept by the seller of the products. These receipts are also used by the insurance companies when they need to send the insurance policy to their clients and want to confirm that the policy has been received by the clients.

All parties involved in this process keep their own respective records in case anyone claims a refund or faulty product etc. By using delivery receipt each person can clarify themselves.

Why is the delivery receipt important?

People who want to know about the status of the product sent by them often show their concern about whether the products they have sent have reached the intended destination or not. In many cases, the customer pays for the items to be delivered in advance. If the customer does not receive the products sent by the company, he takes the company as a scam. In this way, the reputation of the company gets ruined.

It is also very important to ensure that the product has reached to the right person who has actually paid the bill. For this, the delivery receipt is important to be used since it takes the signatures of the customer.

The receipt is a comprehensive overview of who is sending the delivery, the date and time of sending and receiving of the delivery, the description of the goods, who is reciting the delivery, the name of the person or company delivering the goods, etc.

The shipment or delivery methods vary depending on the type and urgency of goods being delivered. There are different kinds of delivery receipt formats depending on the size and nature of your company but the generalized template should carry the above-mentioned fields in it.

Preview and details of the template

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What should be included in the delivery receipt?

The main details that are added to this receipt are:

  1. Name and logo of the company
  2. Names of products being delivered
  3. Price of each product
  4. Total bill
  5. Name of the recipient
  6. Signatures of the recipient

Delivery receipt template:

If you are going to send your products to remote areas and you want to ensure that they are delivered to the intended person, you can make use of delivery receipt template. The template provides an easy to use delivery receipt.