Creative Professional Design Doughnut Chart

Doughnut Chart

Doughnut charts can be extremely helpful in securing data especially when you are using more than one type of data series for your tasks. Like any other pie chart for businesses, these are circular in design where their small parts can easily be compared to the whole by attaching supplementary rings.

One of the most important features of the doughnut charts is that whenever a viewer looks at them, he/she can easily understand the data distribution on it through just a simple glance. As similar to the pie chart, a doughnut chart portrays the relationship of parts to a whole. In fact, it can be utilized for multiple data series. With each data series you assign to the chart, it attaches a ring which can be seen at its center.

About the Template

We have now brought a perfect tool in the form of doughnut chart template for the Excel, which can help you convert all your precious data into a stylish and professional doughnut chart without any effort. Not only that, but you can also apply the latest formatting option to enhance the look of the chart making it easier to read and analyze.

For instance, if you add a legend, the data labels, and also the text boxes that represent every ring which the doughnut chart is pointing out, you can easily understand and analyze all the data which has been marked on it. This is surely one of the most impressive features of the new doughnut chart template for users.

Preview and Details of Template

Creative Professional Design Doughnut Chart



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