Counselor Position Resume Objectives

Counselor is an individual who promotes optimum mental and emotional health in other person or group. If you are applying for a counselor, you should give a strong resume objective and it must be given adequate attention. Well written objectives help you to get a chance for succeeding in getting an interview.

Read the job description of the company you want to apply for using the skills set they need and catchphrases used in that description in your resume Objective. Following are some examples of counselor resume objectives:

  1. A keen and positive individual interested in the counselor position in ABC Care center. Possess the ability to establish a trustworthy and respectful relationship with clients. I’m passionate about learning different variety of behaviors in different situations and cultures.  
  2. College Counselor with 8 years of experience providing career guidance, behavior, and mental health to students ages 14-18. Look forward to utilizing expertise to build a motivating and supporting environment which allows the students to know their skills and potentials.  
  3. Alcohol and Drug counselor having 10 years’ experience dealing with an individual with some specific addictions. Keen to learn about individual mindset, beliefs, ethics, and social conduct.
  4. Seeking to acquire a counselor position in not for profit organization where I can be able to address issues concerning with the development of human life not just to educate but to help them morally and emotionally.
  5. Client-oriented and passionate individual extensive background of working with kids in the forester care. Background includes all the information and the documentation works of the children.  A responsible and sensible individual has a strong ability to demonstrate good judgment keeping the client safety in mind. 
  6. Inspiring and talented individual; have experience of 10 years in mental health. Utilize strong skills of administration, organization, and communication in providing counseling services. Use theoretical approach and self-assessment diagnosis in the counseling process.
  7. A qualified counselor possess experience in supporting the clients in the organization and in career setting. Provide Client-centered assist and empower them to make safe and sound decisions. Acquire a detailed understanding of the ethical framework and Professional Conduct and applies it when meeting with client and colleagues. Hold strong understanding of theoretical approaches and their application in daily life.  Keen interest in understanding cognitive behavior therapy, person-centered therapy, and integrative counseling. Look forward to using my expertise in a no for-profit organization.
  8. During the summer break this year I had the opportunity to work at ABC, which was a summer camp. As a counselor, I was supervising 7 children of age range 13-18 in a hut for 8 weeks. Taught them surviving in the difficult timings. Besides that, I taught them swimming, fishing, and skiing. This was the first chance to apply my studies I did my best to become someone they idolize. Help them to understand themselves better and be the better version of themselves. This gave me the goal of my life that is why I’m applying for in this NGO to give back to my community.

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